Chances for money?

<p>GPA (UW): 3.8/4.0
GPA (W): 4.0/4.0</p>

2250 cumulative; 780 math, 700 CR, 770 writing</p>

<p>Courseload (AP, all other classes are Honors/Advanced):
AP World Hist
AP Comp Sci (Took a year early due to finishing prereq course in 2wks)
AP US Hist
AP English Lang
AP Statistics
AP Physics B (Took a year early; placed out of regular physics)
AP Chemistry
AP US Gov't
AP English Lit
AP Calc BC
AP Psych</p>

<p>that's 11 AP altogether, with an average of ~4</p>

25hr/week at local store, youngest manager there
Varsity Riflery (Captain)
Mock Trial (Captain, lead attorney)
Drama Production (Technical Director, President)
Quiz Bowl (Captain)
Political Forum/Debate (President)
International Crisis Simulation/Yorker Club (Council)</p>

American Invitational Math Exam Participant
NMS Commended Student
Spanish and Nat'l Honor society member, Math Honor society member</p>

<p>What do you think? Any chance of money?</p>

<p>you can't ever know with NYU
if you're lucky, you'll get an ok scholarship
if you're not, you'll get ****
no once can tell you</p>

<p>but nyu is awesome otherwise :)</p>

<p>NYU gives hardly any money (or so I've heard).</p>

<p>Which school are you applying to? That can affect how much scholarship money you can get. CAS is the tops, with a maximum of $25k. Other schools like Tisch and Gallatin have much lower maximum scholarships.</p>

<p>Write a great essay, continue kicking butt on tests, and you'll have as much of a shot as anyone else.</p>