chances for NEU ED

Hi there! I was hoping to ease my anxious self and see if anyone has any insight on how my stats will fair in the application process at Northeastern Early Decision. I am a white female in the class of 2019. I applied with the intended major of design with an optional portfolio supplement. I have a 4.0 W GPA on a 5.0 scale at a very competitive high school. SAT-1290. 4 time starting varsity goalkeeper for field hockey. State champion freshman year, state runner up senior year. Captain Senior year. Technology Student Association, with multiple regional, state, and national titles ranging from middle school all through high school. (awards all related to intended design major). thank you for any help you can offer!

whoops forgot some of my EC’s:
yearbook staff member 2 years, social media manager
theater publicity manager
youth field hockey coach 4 years
wildcat assistant (new student tours) 2 years