Chances for Northeastern

OOS New Hampshire
Weighted GPA: 3.81 (3.55, 3.95, 3.94)
Unweighted GPA: 3.65 (3.52, 3.81, 3.62)
Took all CPs Freshman year, Honors Biology and Honors Algebra II Sophomore Year, and Honors Modern World Literature (0.5 credit), Honors Precalculus, Honors British Literature I (0.5 credit), Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP US Government (Online) Junior year
Should mention that my GPA has been raising extensively throughout the years (Might be a bit lower than last year, but still an overall increase)
ACT: 30 Composite (33 Math, 25 Reading, 30 English, and 30 Science); It was my first try and I am not retaking again.
AP Scores: AP Biology - 3, AP US Gov - 3
Major: Chemical Engineering
Senior Year Schedule: AP Calculus AB, AP Physics I, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology Internship, Mixed Choir, and Honors English IV
Tennis (9,11,12)
Debate Club (11,12)
Math Club/Mathletes (11,12)
Marine Biology Club (11, President 12)
Science National Honors Society (11,12)
Mu Alpha Theta (12)

Two Leadership Awards (Comes down to that you are a helpful person, where only two applicants can be nominated by a teacher)
High Honor Roll (Except 3rd Quarter Freshman year and 2nd Quarter Junior year)

Community Service: Around 90 hours
Work: Worked for over 300 hours
Recommendation Letters: I got the two letters. Both are from teachers where even though my grade is not high (B+/A-), I actively participate in class, help students, and make the entire class laugh (in a good way).
Essay: I had it checked by a couple of English teachers and they found it extremely attention grabbing.

Honestly speaking your ACT score and GPA are lower than the middle 50% listed on the NEU admission website. They are listed as 4.1-4.5 (gpa) and 33-35 (ACT). If NEU is really a school you want, have you considered retaking it in December?


  1. It is past the deadline.
  2. You are looking at the accepted student stats, not the enrolled student stats. Enrolled is relatively 31-33 ACT. Don’t get me wrong, Northeastern is an amazing school and I’d be grateful to get in, but the difficulty to get in is not on par with a school like Columbia.

@BiologyMajorHere I’m unsure of your point… Your ACT score is still below… You asked for opinions on chance of admission. Last year it was reported that they received 60,000+ applications. Best of luck to you!

It was more of to clear confusion. If it was an average ACT of 33-35, I would probably opt to not apply. Thank you!

An uptrend in your GPA will help. However, the people that I know who were accepted to Northeastern had significantly better stats, and still did not get any aid at all. They decided to attend more affordable universities elsewhere (which also turned out to be a better fit for them based on a change in major).

I am hoping that you also have an application in at UNH. I have worked with a few UNH graduates who have made the school look quite good.

Of course! I visited the campus and thought it looked gret!

Chances for Northeastern university EA class of 2023:

GPA: uw: 3.72 w:~4.2 (upward trend) (42/273 weighted class rank)
7 AP’s, (biology, English 11, English 12, physics 1, government, psychology, calculus AB), IB Physics 12 senior year , many honors classes
ACT superscore: 33 (33 e, 33 m, 33 r, 31 s)
 -visited campus

EC’s: -8 varsity letters for two sports within my four years.

  • captain of both of them my senior year
    -founder of the table tennis club
  • ~350 volunteer hours
  • volunteer tennis instructor for little kids.
    -four mission trips
    -no “hooks”

My main worry is the fact that I’m not in the top ten percent of my class. What do you suppose my chances are of being accepted?