Chances for Northeastern

I’m a junior in high-school. I’d appriciate any feedback.

Background Info:
New Jersey
White (Jewish) Male
Competitve Public School (Nationally Ranked)
Top 20% of Class
Low Income

GPA: 4.3/4.5 W
3.9/4.5 UW
(Naviance says avergae GPA for Northeastern is 4.2 from my school)
Freshman year 3.6, Sophomore 4.5, Junior 1st half of year 4.7, so I’ve been improving
(4.3 weighted is a 92-94 weighted average)

ACT: 34 (33E, 35M, 34R, 34S, 9W)
Math II: 800
Physics: 800
US History: 780

Captain/Member of Model UN
Member of STEM Club
Member of Coding Club
Member of Christian Club
Secretary of Non Profit Organization
Worked 3 jobs over the course of HS
Raised over 25k for cancer research

I’m a pretty decent writer, so I think my essays will be solid.

Visited campus, applying ED

With the ED Bump and generally strong scores + GPA, my only tip would be to aim for strong essays and perhaps search for some awards to get. Nonetheless, I would say your chances are quite high.

I think you’ll get in just based on your stats and ECs

I think either one, EA or ED, you should be able to get in with your stats.

What major are you thinking about?