Chances for Northwestern Depaul Universty of Chicago? will chance back <--

<p>University I'm considering</p>


<p>University of Chicago</p>




<p>University of Michigan-Ann Arbor</p>

<p>Male, White</p>

<p>Lower income bracket</p>

<p>Large Public high school</p>

<p>First Gen to go to college</p>

<p>Chicago, IL</p>

<p>3.9 uw/GPA 4.7 w/GPA</p>

<p>ACT: 31 SAT: 2100</p>

<p>Class rank: 7/375</p>

<p>Freshman year:
Honors Physics
Honors env science
Honors Alg 2/trig
Honors World history
Honors Lit
Spanish I</p>

<p>Sophmore Year:</p>

Honors Geometry
Honors Lit
Honors Bio
Spanish II</p>

<p>Junior Year:
honors College Algebra
Honors Chem
Honors modern US history (must take)
AP english lang/comp
Art I (must)
Advanced Choir</p>

<p>Senior Year:
AP Calc AB (double period)
AP Calc AB
AP Physics B
Honors Lit
Honors level Choir

APUSH (soph) 4</p>

<p>AP english lang (junior) 5</p>

<p>AP physics b
AP calc AB</p>

Chess Club 9,10,11
French Club 9,10,11
Poetry Club 9,10,11
Key Club 9,10,11
NHS 11</p>

<p>Volunteered for Freshman Connection program during summers 80+ hours each summer</p>

<p>your test scores are a bit on the low in for those schools (especially Northwestern) but your GPA and hooks are great. If you could lift the ACT by two points you'd be a super solid candidate for all of those schools. Good luck!</p>

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<p>I think you will get into Depaul and Americas along with UMichigan. I think your scores and ECs are a bit (just slightly though) below NU, UC, and Brown, but you still have a decent shot at UC and NU. </p>

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<p>Competitive chance for your top colleges</p>


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<p>bump 10 char</p>

<p>try Wash U also</p>

<p>You will get into Michigan.</p>

<p>I have seen stats for a New York City public high school of high caliber, where most who applied got in.</p>

<p>DePaul is easy</p>

<p>Why not University of Illinois Champlain?????</p>

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<p>University of Chicago--low reach</p>


<p>Northwestern--high match</p>


<p>University of Michigan-Ann Arbor--in</p>

<p>You need to get your SAT score up if you want to be accepted into the higher colleges.
You might also want to improve on your EC's and community service would be good to if you don't to a sport!</p>

<p>Good luck!
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<p>i did star lol :P


<p>I'd say you're a near shoo-in at DePaul; you're SATs are practically off their curve. Outside of the School of Theatre, they have a pretty high acceptance rate (75% overall). You might want to look at a few more schools outside of greater-Chicago area.</p>


<p>I think you have a great chance at UMich, American, and DePaul. Brown, Chicago, and Northwestern are all crapshoots, and I could see you getting into any of them. The fact that you are a first-generation is also really really helpful.</p>

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<p>I think depaul and umich are pretty safe bets, but northwestern, brown, and uchicago might be a little bit on the reach side. that being said, you still derinitely have nice chances at them. Chance me too! (7 year med at BU)</p>

<p>All are solid. You will probably get into one but if you get the test scores up a little you will have a lot of options. Please click on my name and chance me back</p>