Chances for the following schools / EA and ED?

I'm currently a second semester junior. I'm African-American (URM factor?) I've started looking at colleges and have a compiled a list of schools I'm going to apply too. I'm going to apply as an english major (huge passion for writing and literature). I want to apply early to most of them. I went through an incredibly difficult time freshman/sophomore year (struggled with depression) so i bombed pretty hard. B's and C's in honors. My tests grade were high i just didn't participate or turn in hw. Taking medication now, feeling 10000x time better. Currently taking AP Biology AP Amer. Lit Honors U.S History Honors French 3 and Math 3. A's in all of them first semester and currently have all A's now.
I calculated my gpa (i might be wrong) and I should have a 3.2 - 3.4 with 8 A's added to my transcript. I can really good recommendations from my english and journalism teachers and my headmaster and could write a great essay.
My EC's: Started a non profit organization that organizes fundraisers for low income areas. I tutor 5th grades in English. Staff member with published articles on one of the top high school newspaper in the country. Active in theatre dept. (wrote a one act that won an honorary recognition) Debate team member. Attending Stanford JSA for media communications this summer.
SAT/ACT: 750 verbal 450 math 700 writing. I took that as a sophomore, terrible in math fell asleep during the test with no prep still scored pretty decent. Planning on retaking, I know I can get a perfect score on verbal if I put all my effort and I'm being tutored in math. ACT was a 29. Might retake.
Prospective colleges:
UC-Boulder or UC-Denver (maybe both)
University Wisconsin-Madison (#1 choice)
UGA (I'm a Georgia resident)
Roanoke College
College of Charleston
Appalachian State
Penn State-University Park
Ohio State
University of Vermont
Gotta couple of fall back schools in Georgia and Florida I know I could get into.</p>

<p>Ahh. I randomly get stressed out about school so I thought I would ask here for some reassurance. Be honest please, I handle critcism well, I know I'll get into a good college!
Thank you!</p>