chances for the university of alaska fairbanks and dartmouth

<p>Weighted: 4.6, UW: 4.1
SAT: >2100
SATII: Spanish 800, Lit 800, U.S History 750
White female, Catholic High</p>

<p>More than the most rigorous courseload available
Took 9 AP tests and scored 5s on all of them except for Biology and Calculus AB. </p>

- Research on Glaciology, Circumpolar Climatology and Meteorology, Aquatic Medicine, and Arctic Wildlife
- Astronomy club (President)
- Spanish National Honor Society (President)
- Journalism club (President)
- Writer's Club (Founder & President)
- Quill & Scroll (President)
- Science Olympiads
- National Honor Society
- Won the Gold Medal in Essay Contest (Alliance for Young Artists and Writers); winner of other essay competitions
- Linguistics: Kalaallisut, Latin, French and Spanish
- CMAquarium (Junior Educator and Diver)
- National Geographic Student Expeditions
- Writing a book on Greenland and Antarctica's climatology
- Photography and Cartography
- Writer's Workshops
- 3 Season Athlete (All Varsity teams)
- Fingerstyle guitar (Composer), Classical Piano </p>

<p>I want to be a Polar Research Scientist. I plan on getting a master's degree in Earth Sciences and from there going to Dartmouth College IGERT for Polar Environmental Change. </p>

<h2>My choices</h2>

<p>University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Dartmouth College
University of Tasmania (Antarctic Studies)</p>

<p><em>sigh</em>...pleasseeeee bump!</p>

<p>In without a doubt at Fairbanks. Dartmouth seems like a High Match, but you never know with the Ivy Leagues. Your EC's are amazing, but seem a little too widespread to me.</p>