Chances for these schools?

<p>Im applying to Williams, Haverford, Georgetown, and University of Richmond just want to know my chances and how much my high school grades will affect things. </p>

College GPA: 3.973
Highschool weighted: 3.75
ACT: 28</p>

transferring from Juanita college (a freshman)
major: biology</p>

elected treasurer of my class (college)
HOSA, committee leader
did research over the summer at UW madison
captain of intramural basketball team
member of 5 different clubs
captain of debate team in high school, got second at regionals</p>

<p>APs: 5 for bio, world history, us and comparative gov
Sat subject tests: 770 world history 710 bio M

<p>You need to retake the ACT/SAT for soph transfer to a much higher ranked school than the one you attend.</p>

<p>but dont those tests reflect how well you will do in college, and i did well in college shouldn't my lower score not matter as much</p>

<p>If you had 2 years maybe, but honestly they'd still matter if you're trying to go to a better college. You college grades only tell them how you've done at one school. A school far less competitive. The scores are a more objective view of where you stand among their students. Your our high school years still matter more, you're only showing them a single term now.</p>

<p>thank you, i will probably wait another year then before I transfer, but I still think my scores fit in with University of Richmond so ill try for there</p>