Chances for U of La Verne (CA)???

Chances for U of La Verne in CA. 2.6 UW GPA, 1100 sat, native american male, out of state.



<p>Sorry I cant tell you your chances but I happen to know a little about this school. I know a transfer student who just walked in, applied, and was accepted. A community college teacher took her to the administration office, referred her and that was basically all there was to it. She DID have almost strait A's at a community college though. I talked to a few people at the school about doing an MBA there and all people (4 in total) told me I would get in with no problem. Sure enough, I sent in my applicaiton and was accepted just like they told me. </p>

<p>What I gather from this school is that it helps if you try to make friends with the people at the administration office. I think there is not a great big demand for a La Verne education (please dont take offense to that) and it is a small school so they are very personal. In fact, students have told me that the faculty and staff are very personal. I mean the people in the office, professors, and stores get to know your name. the girl I was telling you about has even went to Professors houses to get help! So my advice would be to show genuine interest in the school and try to talk to the people involved in making your admitance decision. Email them and call them to show you are interested and that you are not just an application but a real person. I really think this helps at many schools but at this one it helps a lot. One time I didnt have to make an appointment to see anyone; two people took time to speak to me in their offices' right on the spot.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>If it weren't for your GPA, I'd say you are definitely in with your SAT score. The average SAT at ULV is 490 V 515 M/ 19 ACT. You have a pretty good chance of getting in.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>