Chances for UMichigan and UChicago?

<p>Can you tell me what my chances are at getting into UMichigan or UChicago early?
I am female, half white and half asian
2140 SAT score, single sitting (730 CR, 710 Writing, 700 Math)
720 SATII Literature
750 SATII MathII
Didn't take ACT
4.6 weighted GPA
Very good ECs (very competitive athlete, extremely involved in volunteer activities, show interest in my intended major- environmental studies)
I've gotten really good feedback on my essays and feel pretty confident about them
I'm a little worried because my older sibling had better stats than me and didn't get into UChicago (didn't apply to UMichigan)
Also, I only have 4 academic awards listed on my application and have been told that may hurt my chances</p>

<p>UChicago is very competitive, but I think you still stand a chance. I say low to mid reach, maybe. For UMichigan I think you have a better chance - sounds like about a match, but I'm not as familiar with the school so I can't say for sure. Which stats did you sibling have better than you? All of them? That seems unlikely, because yours are pretty good overall... Good numbers. The volunteering looks good. How about other EC's? Did you have more, or just sports? If you have other things you're involved with that relate to your intended major, that looks good. You say you are a competitive athlete - were you recruited? That would help, too. I think you have decent chances, anyway. Good luck, and thanks for chancing me, too.</p>

<p>Well our gpas were about the same, but all of his test scores were higher except for critical reading...</p>

<p>And for other ECs I had SCUBA diving, auditing a college class relating to environmental resources, teaching sports to young children, being a peer mentor at my school, fundraising for environmental causes, doing different events (like organizing a group for Walk for Hunger),and being a major member in a volunteer group supporting kids in need in my state.</p>

<p>I wish I could get recruited for my sport. I've medalled in it nationally multiple years and it's been my major passion since I was four, but unfortunately it's not a team sport and colleges don't recruit for it :/</p>

<p>Just btw, I got into UMichigan and deferred at UChicago if that helps anyone else who is trying to figure out how likely they are to get in. </p>

<p>Also, I'm withdrawing my UChicago app because I like UMichigan better (which probably came across in my essays and influenced their decisions). But I'm still applying to other schools RD.</p>