Chances for Upenn

<p>I was born in Russia and moved to Israel when I was one year old. I moved to the United States when I was 12.5. English is not spoken at home. I also speak Hebrew , Russian and a little bit of Spanish and Arabic. </p>

<p>I attend a private jewish high school.</p>

<p>The grading system is as follows: </p>


<p>GPA: 3.75
Act: 31
SAT II Hebrew: 800
SAT II Literature: 740</p>

<p>Essay: great
Reccomendations: LA, SS, executive director of the Anti Defamation League, school counceler. </p>

<p>EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: I recently received a startup grant from Youth Venture, a social entrepreneurship foundation, for a city-wide, youth, interfaith organization . </p>

<p>Cello Lessons: 2003-present
Cascade Youth Symphony: 2005-present
Violin: 1995-2002
Varsity tennis team: 2001-2006
Interfaith Youth Core Conference: Spring 2006
Israel Advocacy Conference: Winter 2006
Rally for Darfur in Washington D. C: Spring 2006</p>


<p>Founder and president of an interfaith organization: 2006
Spearheaded Eat for Darfur: 2005,2006
Washington State Coalition for Darfur: 2005,2006
Tutoring and preparing kids for their Bar Mitzvahs: 2003-present
Sunday school teacher at Temple De’hirsch-: 2006
Lifelong Aids Alliance Volunteer: 2003- present
Friendship Circle Volunteer: 2005-present
Hopelink Child development Center- 2004-2006
Babysitter and Nanny: 1999-present
Internship for the Anti Defamation League: Summer of 2006
Dining Out for Life Volunteer: Spring 2005 and 2006
Arabic class : Summer 2006
J-Vibe teen advisory board: 2005- present
Volunteer for the Aids Walk: September 2005, September 2006.
University of Washington Coalition for Darfur: 2005-present
Organized a school program on Darfur: fall 2005
Organized two food drives at school: fall 2005
Organized a Holiday party for the Jewish Family Service: Winter 2005
Organized school assembly for Israel’s Independence Day: Spring 2006
Sold shirts to benefit Darfur: 2006 school year
In charge of the Eat for Israel project which helped raise money for victims of terrorism: 2006 school year
This year, as Chesed/Social Action Chair:
I planned a blanket making project that will benefit Peace on The Street for Kids on the Street.
I planned a program on Darfur
I planned a program to benefit a homeless shelter
I planned a program for school to commemorate Martin Luther King.
I planned a program for school on global warming.
I planned a program on modern-day slavery
I planned two foodrives
- Founder of a monthly foodbank program that benefits the Jewish Family Service.
- Founder of a a student mentorship program.</p>


<p>Recipient of a start up grant to start an Interfaith Organization: 2006
Bellevue High School honor roll: 2001
President and Student council representatives for Community service: 2006
Friendship Cirlce president: 2005,2006
Friendship Circle volunteers of the month: spring 2006
President of Friendship Circle: 2006-present
Little Prince Award: 2006
Recipient of a grant from Youth Venture: 200
School community service award: 2006
Nominee of The Prudential Spirit of Community Award: 2006</p>