Chances for URM at Top Schools

<p>I'm African American and 1/4 Native American
ACT: 30
SAT II's: Chemistry 720, Math I 750
UW GPA: 3.93
W GPA: 4.42
Rank: 7/426
- National Achievement Outstanding Participant
- AP Scholar with Distinction
- Created a Medical Group which involved volunteering, setting up school item drives, and brought in specialists to talk to students about the medical field. Co President for 3 years.
- Captain of Cross Country Team and Co-Captain of Track Team
- Volunteer on Pediatric level at hospital
- Volunteer at local Children's Hospital
- National Honors Society: tutored many kids in Chemistry, Biology, and Math
- Work as a Housekeeper in an assisted living home
- Soccer Referee
- Many academic/leadership summer programs
- Essays were very unique and very well written</p>

<p>Your ACT is on the low side, so you should probably try and raise that up. Other than that, you are both Native American and African American with a decent GPA, good ECs, and, according to you, good essays.</p>

<p>You have a really good shot at all schools, and the only thing I can see holding you back is your ACT. Ivies can be very random though. I know a girl who was also AA who got deferred from Princeton and she had similar stats (don't know about her ECs though). Good luck!</p>

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