Chances for UW, WSU, UO, ASU, WWU, Mizzou, UH

<p>Hi, </p>

<p>GPA (9-11): 3.3</p>

<p>SAT: 1750 (Math: 560, Reading: 630, Writing: 560)</p>

<p>EC's, Volunteering, etc: Key Club (11th and 12th grade), volunteered every Saturday for a 6 month period at the local hospital, 10+ hours of various volunteering opportunities from grades 9-11</p>

<p>Got a 3 in my AP LIT test and a 4 on my APUSH test</p>

<p>5 higher level classes taken from 9-11</p>

<p>I see myself as someone who is pretty solid at writing, so maybe some relief there hopefully?</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>

<p>Dunno what UH stands for, but you're mostly in OK shape for your list. University of Washington is a pretty substantial reach with the combination of your SATs and GPA, but otherwise, you're going to get into a handful of the rest.</p>