Chances for Vanderbilt EDII and Emory!?!

<p>I'm looking to either go to Emory or Vanderbilt, and I plan on majoring in business admin/econ/accounting. </p>

<p>Here are my stats</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.90</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 4.61 (from IB/AP classes)</p>

<p>ACT Score: 33 (34 English, 33 math, 35 reading, 32 science)</p>

<p>Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 11/222 of a prestigious northeastern school</p>

<p>AP (place score in parenthesis): AP World History (4), AP U.S History (5), AP Latin (4), </p>

<p>Senior Year Course Load: 4 AP classes, 3 honors.</p>

<p>Awards: AP Scholar, National Honor Society, Math Honor Society</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: Founder/President of the Latin Society(12), Internship at County Courthouse (11), Varsity football (9,10,11,12), National Honor Society (11,12), Math Honor Society (10,11,12), Pirate Nation (9,10,11,12), Knights of Setonia Liturgical Society (9,10,11,12), Basketball (9,10)</p>

<p>Volunteer/Community service: Tutor students in Latin and math, volunteer for the Pittsburgh Project (rebuilt homes for the impoverished), ambassador for my school, run a gift collection program for kids that would not normally receive christmas presents, and a sunday school teaching assistant</p>

<p>Essays: Common App was very good, relating a photograph and a personal growth experience. </p>

<p>Teacher Recommendation: Both were amazing, very personalized. </p>

<p>Counselor Rec: Go to a large private school, but very good.</p>

<p>Additional Rec: Extremely good recommendation from a counselor, saying I was a leader among my peers.</p>

<p>State (if domestic applicant): New Jersey</p>

<p>School Type: Private</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Caucasian </p>

<p>Gender: Male</p>

<p>Income Bracket: >300k</p>

<p>Strengths: SAT/GPA/Rank/Aps (I think I’m pretty good for the most part when it comes down to numbers), Volunteer activities </p>

<p>Weaknesses: not many national awards, lack of extensive work experience, ethnicity, or definite leader positions</p>

<p>Please let me know what you think!
Thank you.</p>

<p>bump. please.</p>

<p>You have great chances for both schools. Best of luck to you!</p>