Chances for Virginia Tech Engineering/Undecided?

<p>Unweighted GPA(F,S,J)= 3.48 out of 4.00
Weighted GPA (F,S,J) =3.6
Senior Year Weighted GPA= 4.5
Senior Unweighted= 3.875
No class Rank
SAT= 1780 ( 640 M and 560 CR)
ACT= 29 ( 28 Math, 32 Reading, 30 English)
Senior Year load= IB Biology HL II, IB Geography SL, IB Physics I, IB Math Studies SL, AP English, Design & Tech, Symphonic Band.
EC's= three years of AJA from 2010-Current (a jazz band that travels around the world to play concerts, currently lead trumpet for the band this year), Two years of WWE from 2008- 2010 (a wind ensemble, where I was first trumpet for both years), Three years Summer Jazz Band institute, Lead trumpet in 2012 ( Like AJA, but in the summer). In School: Marching Band for 4 years(high brass captain recently), First Chair trumpet for the past three years in Symphonic Band, Wrestled for my first two years, Tri-M Music Honor Society Treasurer, Boys State Treasurer too.
Jobs: Worked as an intern for three years.
Personal Statements: Wrote all three, explained how hard it was to live in my neighborhood and its effects on my grades and personality and following the life of my father, who escaped from Eritrea because of its government.
Counselor wrote a good recommendation too. Explained why Virginia Tech is my First choice and my personality.
Ethnicity: African American
Footnote: My grades improved significantly from Sophomore year, setting a positive/rising trend( got a 3.7 junior year then 4.55 senior year). I also took online government over the summer so I could take an IB class during the school year.
What are my chances for Engineering or University Studies? Again with the trend, I hope Virginia Tech looks at my Senior Year GPA wll since I have all As, and one B+. I'm in state if it helps.
Also, do you think its possible to switch from a Undecided to Engineering Major? Thanks for the feedback, guys.</p>

<p>I’d say you have great chances at University Studies, and moderate/good chances at engineering. Switching into Engineering can be pretty hard once you’re there, it’s a rigorous major and if you transfer in it might take five years.</p>