Chances for Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Rice...

<p>Hey all! So I'm applying to Rice, Emory, Vanderbilt, WashU, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia and Tufts. Please chance me and be honest!</p>

<p>White, Male from Texas
Private, Episcopal school</p>

SAT: CR 690, M 740, WR 700 (1430 CR+M, 2130 total)
ACT - 32
SAT II- Chem 780, Math 1 710, US H 710
GPA- 99.6/100 (weighted, school doesn't report unweighted for 100 pt scale), 4.0 (unweighted)
Rank - School doesn't rank, but would be 1/72
AP: Chem (5), US H (4), Eng Lang (5), Span (4)
Senior Course Load: AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, AP English Lit, AP Government, Honors Physics, Ethics</p>

<p>Classes taken: (All A's)
Freshman: Biology, Geometry, Spanish 2, English 1, Western Civ 2, Religion (school wouldn't let me take honors, came halfway through year)
Sophomore: Honors Chem, Honors Alg 2, Hon Span 3, Hon Eng 2, Hon World History, Art
Junior: AP Chem, AP Eng, APUSH, Span 4 Hon (but took AP test), Hon Comp Programming, Speech, Biblical Theology</p>

President of Honor Council (student disciplinary committee, selected by principle)
Student Council (12)
Spanish Club (10, 11-vice president, 12-president)
Tertulia- 9,10,11,12 (Club that meets to practice speaking spanish)
National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine
NASA High School Aerospace Scholars (online course in spring, workshop at JSC in summer)
Boy Scouts (Life scout)
Ping Pong Club (11,12)</p>

<p>Volunteer - Carter Blood Care (organized blood drive for my school)
-Public Library
-Salvation Army</p>

-Swimming (10,11,12)- Varsity Letter, Most Improved, Coaches Award
Tennis (9,10,11,12) - Varsity Letter</p>

-Cum Laude Society
-National Merit Commended Scholar
-AP Scholar with Honor
-National Spanish Exam: Bronze Medal, Silver Medal (2)
-Emory Book Award</p>

<p>Recs- Both will be great. One from science teacher that has had me 3 years, other from a PhD history teacher.</p>

<p>Also, I kind of have a hook in that I grew up overseas. I went to an International School in Trinidad and Tobago for most of my life. Plan on writing Commonapp essay over this and the diversity I grew up around. </p>

<p>Sorry it's so long, but any input would be appreciated!</p>

<p>Test scores look way too low for all.</p>

<p>^ disagree, you have good EC's/GPA/Awards and the test scores are fine. Yale/Princeton/Columbia/Brown are probably all high reaches but I think you have a good shot at the others.</p>

<p>Honestly, I would say that your chances are about average</p>

<p>Scores - Not so great...could def be brought up</p>

<p>ECs - Interesting! Liked the Tertulia idea a lot (would you mind PMing me about that? I would love to start something like that at my school.) You seem very involved in multiple activities which is impressive but may show a lack of focus. However, it is debatable how important this "focus" really is. </p>

<p>So apply...and hope for the best!</p>

<p>If I had to be more specific I would say</p>

<p>PYBC - reaches
WashU, Tufts - still reaches, but not as much
Emory, Vanderbilt - probably in if you get those test scores up a bit </p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>P.S. DEFINITELY bring up those Sat IIs</p>

<p>Test scores are very low for Ivies. Good shot at the other schools on list howeer.</p>