<p>What are my chances of getting into UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley with
-3.7 weighted UC GPA
-2000 (maybe a little more) SAT
- 700+ on both SAT Subject tests (one will be math, the other science)
- black belt in martial arts
- martial arts for 8 years
-working two jobs since freshman year (black belt instructor and math/english tutor)
-volunteering over 100+ hours at a hospital
- 300+ hours of community service
- co president of Habitat for Humanity
- cross country for 3 years
- track/field for 2 years
- 7 credits at a community college (will get more before graduation)
Any other advice for college admissions would help as well!
I think I need more extra curricular too, any advice on what i should do?</p>

<p>However, my freshman grades were HORRIBLE! (2.3) There has been a very sharp increase in grades as you can see with my weighted 3.7.
How do I explain this to colleges? Will it affect my admissions at all?
I also have challenging courses this year, including AP English, AP Chem, AP Calculus and Honors Physics.
I was just a screw up freshman year, how do I address that for admissions?</p>

<p>Well the UCs dont calculate your freshman year grades into your gpa...Is that 3.7 that you calculated the UC weighted of just sophomore and junior year? </p>

<p>If it is, i'd say berkeley and la are high reaches, and UCSD is a mid-low reach.</p>

<p>Everything else besides your GPA is on par with Berkland.</p>

<p>Your GPA will probably land you at SD and easier UCs to get in.</p>