Chances! Numbers will kill me, my personal traits won't.. what's the verdict?

<p>COlumbia rejected me... I think my personal qualities/diversity couldn't make up for my low numbers... chance me please for these schools:</p>

UC San Diego---------
UC Davis--------
Stanford-common app
northwestern-common app
Harvard- common app
Princeton-Common APP
U of Chicago-----------
Yale- Common App
Rice-common app
Duke-common app
NYU- common app</p>

<p>I only wish to get into 1-2 private schools and at least ucsd or ucla</p>

<p>my circumstances are such... </p>

<p>my numbers alone aren't very spectacular... 29 act... 730 and 670 sat 2's a 3.5 uw GPA and a 4.18 weighted GPA. I took over 25 college classes in high school but got many B's.. I took a very rigorous course load, but got many B's which is why there is a big gap between my unweighted and weighted gpa. I'm ranked somewhere in the top 20 percent... but if colleges recalculate GPA and weight my college courses taken off campus, then I told them that my actual fully weighted rank is 6/556 (took over 15 college courses off campus). I feel everything else is decent. I work for the government and a city council member wrote recs for me. My father passed away and I had a huge upward trend since his death as I took more challenging courses ( wrote my essay about how his death made me want to work harder). I also send a video of me dancing bhangra, a traditional Punjabi dance (I doubt many applicants send in dance videos). Also, Eagle Scout and multiple sports and positions in clubs.</p>

<p>For UC's its much different...</p>

<p>uncapped gpa: 4.375 (I had a horrible freshman year... 2.9 gpa one semester)
capped: 3.8</p>

<p>To be quite honest, I just want to get into at least 1-2 private schools or at least ucsd or ucla.</p>

<p>Anything less than UCSD, I'll cry... Worked so hard in high school... a few girls that were so called "dirty" got into davis and irvine... : (</p>

<p>I found it weird that Chicago deferred me... I mean I think they liked me as a person because who would defer a 29 ACT kid that isn't even ranked in the top 10 percent? Obviously I stood out somehow... I JUST wish my gpa and test scores were a bit higher! Columbia rejected me :(</p>


<p>hey sorry to hear about your father. </p>

<p>i'm not very good at chance-threads but i will say that columbia was very very hard on admissions this year.</p>

<p>my friend had ECs up the wazooo, and a 1540/1600 on her SATs..and was rejected.</p>

<p>all my other friends were probably in top 10 in my H.s. (very very competitive school), had well over 2300/2400..and a lot of ECs in bio-research. they were all deferred </p>

<p>apparently, according to inside info from my friend, even the two nieces of one of the deans got deferred. shocking eh?</p>

<p>don't beat yourself up with columbia</p>

<p>good luck. i'm sure your other schools with see passed your numbers, thats why they ask for so much other information. columbia was just weird this year</p>

<p>haha yea it was my top choice school... it sucked big time... I dropped my standards BY ALOT after that reject... now I just want to get into at least a top UC school...</p>