Chances??? Oberlin, Tufts, Bowdoin...

<p>My School List:
Oberlin** Top Choice
Clark U
Denison U</p>

<p>HS Class of 2012
African American Female
Washington State
I go to a pretty bad inner city type public school</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0/ 4.0 (my school doesn't weight at all, but I have all A's)
Rank: 1/308
SAT I: CR: 710 M: 680 W: 730 : 2120 (I plan on retaking... can probably get at least 2200)
SAT II: 800 USH, 800 Bio M
AP's: Junior Year: Biology, APUSH
Senior Year: Calc, Chemistry, and Euro Hist (self study)
^^ My school doesn't have a lot of AP's and makes it difficult
due to block scheduling,
but I have been taking the hardest classes available and almost
all are honors classes.</p>

Year long study abroad/ student exchange in Brazil (my sophomore year, will write essay)
Varsity Soccer (2 years)
Varsity Mock Trial Attorney (2 years- 3rd in districts, 4th in state)
Reading Coach (1 year)
JV Softball (1 year)
Student Government (1 year)
Marching/ Concert Band (3 years)
100+ hrs volunteering w/ foster kids
30 hrs volunteering w/ food bank
100+ hrs volunteering w/ Exchange Students</p>

<p>CLUBS: Key Club, NHS, GSA, BSU, and Earth Corps (leadership position)
THIS SUMMER: competitive internship tutoring refugee kids and helping them prepare for school</p>

Multiple state and district mock trial awards (4, I think)
School wide scholar athlete award
National Merit Scholar (anticipated, I got a 236 on PSAT)
National Achievement Scholar (anticipated)
Harvard Book Award
Discus Award</p>

<p>RECS: Should be great!</p>

<p>** I don't have 4 year activities, because one year was spent abroad....</p>

<p>I know I don't have good awards/ great ec's... But Chances?</p>


<p>also, got 5's on AP Bio and APUSH</p>

<p>You look good for all of the schools you are considering. You might even want to add a reach or two more just to see what happens.</p>

<p>This is a great track record. You will be fine with all of those schools. You should also look at larger schools because I guarantee you could get a nice scholarship. I attend a small private university but applied to a couple state schools. I was given a free application to LSU (Louisiana State University), filled it out, and wound up with a full ride.</p>

<p>Very strong candidate for all, with merit aid for where applicable. I think you can safely add a few more reaches. Aim high.</p>

<p>You look like a capable applicant for all of these schools. </p>

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