Chances of admissions to prominent school with below-average sat scores?

<p>I took the SAT a couple of months ago and I did terrible. I did not do nearly as well as I was hoping. My combined score (CR + M + W) was around 1700 or so. I am a very good student and I receive all a's. How much of an impact will these scores have on my application? (I am retaking the SAT in May)</p>

<p>Well first.. I was in your prediciment last year... I took the SAT's in January of my junior year and was like.. man I'll probably get a 2100 and that'll be good enough... to my surprise .. I didnt even crack an 1850.. my score was 1830.... I was freaking out...but then I calmed down and began to study.. that's why I think it is good that you take the test early your junior year at least once before the June SAT when everyone takes it. Your scores are bound to improve... and you also have to realize that scores are only one part of the admissions process. I think I can say this because out of the 8 colleges I applied to the seven that have replied back have accepted me...
I have friends that have gotten 1900's on the SAT... whichin my opinion isnt a bad score..although many on CC would disagree.... I think what is important is that you practice for the tests..and if your just a bad test taker take a test (subject) that you have promise in doing well to show your a bad test taker. ... My friend got a 5 on AP lit and comp .. scholastic gold key for writing and got a 640 on reading..... It just showed she was just a bad standardized test taker...</p>

<p>What schools are you applying to... I think that will help when answering this post and a little background information as well.</p>

<p>Thank you for your input. My friends were the same way. Each cracked the 2000 range. I was planning on applying to either UVA or William and Mary, depending on my scores. I too feel that I'm just a bad test taker. I have began to study an ample amount, more than I would study for any normal school test. =p</p>