Chances of getting into Cornell

<p>Hey guys, I am a Chinese appllicant for Fall 2012 enrollment in Cornell University. I wonder what are my chances of being admitted to Cornell RD next year. Here are my scores.</p>

<p>SAT I CR590 M800 W600 Total 1990 (my major concern)
SAT II Math 2 800 Physics 800 Chemistry 750
TOEFL R29 L30 W27 S24 Total 110
Class rank 5/303
All exams with grade A</p>

<p>Also: lots of community service, a few research projects, some physics contest prizes(city level), multiple merits at school, teachers' strong recommendations , foreign visiting student experience in Australia, part time work.</p>

<p>With that SAT its going to be a far should have worked on English more!</p>

<p>Other than that looks pretty good, but make sure you consider your uniqueness in comparison to other Chinese applicants (I wouldn't know)</p>

<p>Your SAT IIs and grades are very, very good, but your clear weakness in English and Reading (judging by your SAT Is and lack of a liberal arts SAT II) could hurt you.</p>

<p>On the other hand, if you're a potential science/engineering major, showing great prowess in those areas could boost you quite a bit. Ivies like someone who shows an affinity for a specific area. I'd say you have a decent chance.</p>