Chances of getting into Northeastern, University of Miami, BU, or Penn State

<p>Well I want Everyone to be completely honest here.</p>

<p>I take Full I.B. and currently have a 3.6 unweighted g.p.a, and 4.0 and above weighted g.p.a.</p>

<p>My SAT scores are 1820 ( gonna take it again )</p>

<p>I have over 200 hours of volunteer and community service hours. ( Most including Cancer Walks, helping needy children, etc.</p>

<p>In over 10 clubs at school, (habitat for Humanity, Biodiversity, Chemistry club. etc.) from 9th - 12 grade, and have working experience.</p>

<p>In the top 5 percent of my class. over 300 kids.</p>

<p>Varsity Track of my sophomore and junior year. Football Senior year.</p>

<p>Alot of others but really don't feel like including them =P.</p>