Chances of getting into SUNY?

<p>I want to get into an SUNY, but is it more difficult to get into a SUNY, CUNY, or NYU simply because I'm an out-of-state student? I'm a California student.</p>

<p>Really depends on the SUNY some are pretty competitive. Geneseo (LAC) and Binghamton (University) are the most difficult to gain admission to. </p>

<p>Both schools do like OOS students though. </p>

<p>Geneseo’s student Profile:
[Fast</a> Facts | SUNY Geneseo](<a href=“]Fast”>About SUNY Geneseo | SUNY Geneseo)</p>

[Binghamton</a> University - Undergraduate Admissions - Who Studies at Binghamton? Class Profile](<a href=“]Binghamton”></p>

<p>Just in general, what are my chances of getting into a school in NY if I’m from CA and I’m shooting for a SUNY</p>