Chances of Transferring to Yale from a CC

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>I am currently enrolled in a Community College, and having lurked around the internet a bit, I have some questions for you.</p>

<li><p>Does Yale not look at extra-curriculars? I started a "Young Republican's Organization" with over 125 members and growing, would this hold any weight with admittance? </p></li>
<li><p>I have letters of recommendation from a D.A., and a highly honored Yale Alum. Will this truly open as many doors as people say?</p></li>
<li><p>My grades now are almost flawless (3.95), but my High School GPA was basically half of what it is now. I suffered from a major illness, and multiple sports injuries - which led to surgeries, which led to missing lots of school. Is this a complete deal breaker? I would like to hope that the admissions office would see this as overcoming hardship... but I may be wrong.</p></li>


<p>26 out of 970 transfers were accepted per the 2012-13 CDS. Those odds aren’t good. Not saying you shouldn’t apply, but be realistic and have a good back up plan.</p>