chances regular decision!!!!

<p>Yikes! Please, be honest.</p>

<p>I'm an Asian-American female from a private Los Angeles high school.
GPA: 4.3 weighted</p>

Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra II
Honors Chemistry
Honors Latin III
Honors French III
AP US History (5 on the exam)
AP Biology (5)
AP English III (4)
AP French (? - the college board lost my entire AP French test, so I now have to retake it...GREAT, 4 months after the class ended)</p>

<p>Classes this year:
AP Physics B
AP English IV
AP Calculus AB
AP Latin: Vergil
AP French Literature
AP Art History

<p>Standardized testing (my weakest spot):
SAT I - 2190 (720 M, 750 V, 720 W)
SAT IIs - Bio 740, French 740, Math IC 680...History and Math IIC I won't even bother typing here. I'm retaking the SAT I and 3 more SAT IIs, I hope with better results. I'm also taking the ACT.</p>

National Honor Society
National French Society
1st place (grade 10) and 3rd place (grade 11) in Le Grand Concours (national French exam)
Copy editor for yearbook (11, 12)
Essay published in Cure Autism Now newsletter</p>

Admissions Committee (8-12)
Peer Support (10-12, Trainee 11, Leader 12)
Yearbook (7-12)
Music Students Service League (member 10-12, President 11-12)...raised $3000 for Hurricane Katrina relief and $5000 to start a music program for underprivileged kids, through piano recitals and other fundraisers.
Piano lessons since age 4</p>

Last summer spent in France doing the Experiment in International Living (5 weeks of cooking school and a homestay).
This summer, I spent at two months at Yale doing medical research both in the library and in the lab.</p>

<p>My brother has autism, and this summer I was fortunate enough to work with one of the most renowned autism researchers in the country. Plus, I got a feel for the campus, and talked to a lot of current Yalies. I'll be writing one of my essays on my summer experience, and my other essay on either EIL or MSSL.
I'll also be able to get a supplementary letter of recommendation from the investigator I worked with.</p>

<p>Finally, and I don't know how much legacies count any more, but my great-grandmother, grandfather, and father all went to Columbia undergrad and/or medical school, plus various cousins and aunts and uncles etc.</p>