Chances Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell, Tufts, Northwestern

<p>In order of desired admission: Stanford (early action), Dartmouth, Cornell, Northwestern, Tufts (I neeeeed to get into one of these schools or I'll be ticked) and Pitt :)</p>

<p>From Columbus, Ohio</p>

<p>SAT: CR 730, Math 700, Writing 660, US History 730, Lit 680, Math II 630</p>

<p>GPA: 3.976 weighted, 3.85 UW</p>

<p>AP Tests: US History 4, Lang 5, Gov 5</p>

Senior year-AP Calc AB, AP Euro, Top choir, AP Lit, AP Latin, Physics, Speech
Junior year-AP Lang, AP Gov, Hon precalc, Latin 3, Hon Chem, Top band, top choir
Sophomore year-AP US, hon english 2, Latin 2, honors FST (functions, stats, trig), Hon biological science, top band, journalism (1 semester), middle choir (1 semester)
Freshman year-hon english 1, hon algebra 2, global history, Latin 1, hon physical sciences, middle band, keyboarding (1 semester)</p>

Volunteer-Younglife Work Crew (5 weeks, 300 hrs), 6th grade camp counselor (5 three-day camps during school, 300 hrs)</p>

<p>Athletics-Wrestling (4 yrs, captain JR and SR yrs, 3 letters, sportsmanship ethics & integrity award, most valuable wrestler, district qualifier, 2nd team all conference, dispatch athlete of the week) Football (2.5 years, 1 letter, had to quit jr year after two-a-days due to concussions, freshman team captain), Lacrosse (2 years, letter winner) Track (2 years, district qualifier)</p>

<p>Music-A capella group (2 years, 1st tenor)</p>

<p>Misc-Chosen by faculty to help interview new principal candidates.</p>

<p>Paid work-junior year Quiznos, 10 hrs/week for 10 weeks or so</p>

Dad went to Dartmouth, brother goes to Dartmouth
Mom's Russian, I'm bilingual</p>

<p>don't apply early action to stanford, apply ED to dartmouth (you have no chance at stanford unless you are a recruit). ED to Dartmouth is a low reach with legacy and increased chance ED offers. Tufts shouldn't be too hard with GREAT essays. High match at Tufts. You're not fit for most ivies sorry :(</p>

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<p>Heyo AnonymousStudent, I already sent in my Stanford App so I'll throw a few plates and yell "Ohpa!" maybe I'll get in, I dunno how many other applicants they get who were jr rasslin captains with 600 hrs of community service who love Jesus, so I'm just praying.</p>

<p>But I agree, I'm probably not getting in.</p>

<p>Could you please explain why you say high match at Tufts?</p>

<p>Hopefully the legacy gives you a boost at Dartmouth, but the scores are going to hurt you. If your dad is an active alum, you have a shot. If I were you I'd retake the tests. My guess on your chances:</p>

<p>Stanford (early action): 10%
Dartmouth: (because of legacy): 40%
Cornell: 45%
Northwestern: 45%
Tufts: 60%
Pitt: In</p>

<p>I think there is a very real chance if you don't improve the scores the only school you will get into is Pitt. If you don't improve them I would make sure to add some more low reaches and matches - Emory, Boston College, Wake Forest, UVA, and others. You are taking a big risk right now with this small list.</p>

<p>might look at a school like holy cross-very good school 1 hour from boston.</p>

<p>Hey thanks for helping guys and galls. I just re-took the SAT this morning actually so hopefully that helps. I'm thinking about Colgate for a backup...</p>

<p>EC's are good, but scores are very low and GPA is average. Dartmouth legacy will help you, but it would have helped a lot more had you applied ED. The new scores are too late for Stanford, aren't they? Anyway, you should retake the SAT 2's (especially math 2, and maybe pick another one instead of Lit, perhaps a science) as well, for your RD schools.</p>

<p>Yea, Bob, the Stanford scores are totes late. And I can't take anymore standardized tests; the scores won't arrive in time so let's hope my personality sparkles like a gay diamond.</p>

<p>Ur def getting into dartmouth. I applied early to stanford too but don't get ur hopes up its like the hardest school to get into. Ur scores are below average for them but ur ec is good. Still everyone who applies there is quified so its really based on luck</p>