Chances & Suggestions - Tufts, BU, NYU, etc.

<p>I know that I'm overestimating my competativeness in the applicant pool a great deal at more than a few of these schools. So, feel free to rip this apart. In any event, suggestions are always encouraged... </p>

<p>GPA: 93%
ACT: 30 (retaking in October)
class rank: 86 of 296 :(
I go to one of the top public schools in the state in the suburbs of upstate New York. </p>

<p>AP/IB/College credit courses:
IB English HL/1
IB English HL/2
IB Spanish 4
IB Spanish 5
IB Economics
AP Psychology
AP European History
Anatomy and Physiology (college credit) </p>

JV Soccer (9th grade)
JV Basketball (10th grade)
Club Soccer (8 years, played through 10th grade)
Club Lacrosse (9th grade)
Spanish Club
Photography (I develop my own photos and devote approximately 1.5 hours a day 5 days a week, or whatever days I have time, to this. It comes out to approximately 8 hours per week give or take a bit. I don't know if it really makes a difference but I figured I'd put it in here anyway)
Church volunteer (~60 hours)
Other volunteer work (~20 hours) </p>

<p>The sports were short lived due to various injuries as well as the fact that if I saw another soccer or basketball, I'd go crazy. The passion was gone so I figured it would be best to just stop rather than continue and loathe them. </p>

Wesleyan University
Boston University
SUNY Geneseo
SUNY Stony Brook</p>

<p>I'm currently deciding between Wesleyan and Tufts for ED but I'm not too confident in my chances at either. I've visited both twice and I'm leaning toward Tufts. Either way, what would be my chances for either of those two under Early Decision?</p>

<p>Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you! Also, any suggestions for good matches or safeties are more than welcome. </p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>

<p>I don't know, your rank is really going to hurt you for NYU and Tufts especially</p>

<p>I would like to know what kind of school that you prefer. Your list of schools are very interesting in fact.</p>

<p>See if your school has a gray book or scattergrams that shows, by SAT and GPA, where students from your school have and have not been accepted. That will give you an idea of how much rank will be an issue.</p>

<p>I had a feeling that the rank would bring me down quite a bit.
Ideally, I would prefer a small university or liberal arts college near a large city. That's pretty much why there is such a variety of schools on there. I want the smaller school but I want the bigger city and diversity.
Thanks so far.</p>

<p>Tufts -your rank will hurt you/ as will your gpa, if u can up them a bit, and raise ur act to like a 31, your chances will increase a lot. try ED, you might get in that way
Wesleyan University -same as tufts
NYU-up your gpa a bit, and class rank, and you will get in
McGill -dont know..never heard of this school
Hamilton -dont know
Boston University-I think you can get in, but your gpa will hurt you a bit
Macalester -dont know
Oberlin -same as tufts
Villanova -yes, you can get in
Skidmore -dont know
Pitzer -dont kno
SUNY Geneseo -your in
SUNY Stony Brook-your in</p>

<p>sorry...i dont know how helpful i am..i havn't heard of some of the schools, so i cant help there....</p>

<p>your rank will definitely hurt you...try to make up for it in essays and interviews</p>

<p>I heard you'll have a much easier time getting into McGill if you're an American</p>

<p>where in upstate ny do you live?</p>

<p>I think your low class rank and unnotable ECs will hurt you at Tufts, even if applying ED. :/</p>

<p>I live in Vestal.
The lack of chance at Tufts is kind of what I expected, the same for Wesleyan and probably NYU. Those were my "Super Reach But They'd Be Nice" schools. If I have more realistic chances at some of the other schools I'll still be pretty happy. If I don't then, well, it's time to very quickly start looking again. Once again, thank you so much for the input.</p>

<p>You would love Macalester. It's liberal and urban.</p>

<p>I really want to go to Tufts, but I will probably try to transfer next year if I still want to go as badly as I do now. It's been my top choice since 7th grade!</p>

<p>Other schools to consider - Trinity College in CT, St. Olaf in MN.</p>

<p>Thanks for the suggestions and everything, you've been very helpful.
Alright, one more quick question and then I'll leave you alone...
I've been preparing for the ACT and taking practice tests and such. So far, I've been getting scores ranging from 33-35. So, If I were to get a 34 on my test in a few weeks, how much would it improve my chances? Thanks again.</p>


<p>I'm an NYU alum and have also worked in the admissions office there. I can tell you right now your rank will hurt you, but you're not out of the game. Applying ED will tremendously increase your chances for NYU because there are more seats left to fill and it shows your enthusiasm for the school.</p>

<p>Also, at NYU, the essays will get read (trust me) an impressive essay might be a way for you to make up for a low rank and tip the scales in your favor.</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>-NYU class of '00</p>

<p>high act will help, but don't expect it to cancel out your rank. but you still have a chance and I hope you get in.</p>