Chances? Thanks.

<p>2230 SAT - 800 CR, 750 V, 680 M
SAT II: 740 US, 720 Lit, 650 Math IC.
taking Math IIC tomorrow. </p>

<p>3.9 UW, 4.2/4.3 weighted. [At least] top 4% of competetive public school. </p>

<p>Extracurriculars (summary):
- VERY strong Speech and Debate (VP)
- Literary Magazine (editor in chief)
- Junior Statesmen of American (president) </p>

<p>Fluent in Russian (native language). Lots of experience as a debate teacher (summer job). LOTS of debate.
Good essays.</p>

<p>Colleges I'm hoping for: Pomona (first choice, ED), Swarthmore, Georgetown, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Cornell, UC Berk, and Stanford (really reach, I know.) </p>

<p>Which of those are probable/ which are really reach?</p>

<p>Well, I think you'll get into Pomona pretty easily and you'll have no choice but to go there, so the rest don't matter!</p>

<p>I hope so! Just hoping and hoping that it's enough for pomona, but with their admit rates... urgh. Anyone else think it's enough?</p>

<p>I wouldn't call any of these schools probable. You hav a reasonable shot at Pomona ed.</p>


<p>Assuming you are a California resident,
UCB: Match</p>