Chances to NE schools

<p>I want to get into middlebury. I'm trying really hard. How do you guys feel? Do I have a chance? Any other school suggestions?</p>

<p>SAT: 670cr, 650m, 630w (will retake.... and bring a watch or glasses)
SATII: spanish 710
AP: lit 5
GPA: 3.52
Rank: 9/141
Extracurriculars: Key Club, Chorus, Show Choir, Dance, Musicals, (about 5 a year) NHS, 3 years (freshman-junior... no show senior) student directing middle school musical, Lector at church, spanish tutor
Community service: taught english and arts and crafts to elementary school kids in nicaragua
Hook: Trip to nica, lived there for a month with host family, took classes & did community service</p>

<p>School: small public in mass
White female</p>

<p>Also: Can anyone give me some insight on dance at middlebury? this is only my third year so my techniques just ok, but I love it love it love it and want to dance in college.</p>

<p>Well, since the average UW GPA at Middlebury is 3.75 or so, and the average SAT scores are about 2150 (versus your GPA of 3.52 and SAT of 1950), I would have to say your odds are quite slim. Even their 25% level (the level where 1/4 of the students have lower SATs but still got in) is 2090--and usually this means that these students had GPAs above the 3.75 average. </p>

<p>While based upon your strong interest in the school you should still apply to Middlebury, I strongly suggest you look at places like Hamilton College (NY), Oberlin College (OH), or Colby College (ME). You have a much better chance to get into these schools--and they all have excellent drama/dancing programs.</p>

<p>midd is a reach, but give it a shot. in addition to the schools that calcruzer mentioned, you must look at connecticut college- absolutely fantastic dance department/opportunities</p>

<p>Bowdoin and Holy Cross are SAT optional. Holy Cross would be easier to get into.</p>