Chances to Penn state UP

A junior that’s ending soon, freshman gpa 3.0 sophomore gpa 3.4 junior gpa 4.0 both semester and an sat of 1230 (going to retake for 1300 or higher), I’m also taking pre calc in a local community college during the summer, I’m good at math so I’m really sure I’ll pass with an A, I took SAT 2 Korean and Math 2 (800,650). AP Classes US History, English Language, (Psychology self studied and took the exam) expecting a 3 on all the exams. Senior year schedule: Leadership, AP Calculus AB, AP statistics, AP English Literature, AP US Government.

What major?

It’s all about the numbers. Class rank, SAT and date of your app. The dilemma for you is going to be whether you trade the earliest possible app date for a chance of a higher SAT score. You should check with your GC and look at Naviance to see where someone with your numbers stands in getting accepted to PSU.

What major? I’d say try your hand at the ACT to see if you score higher there. Is that GPA weighted or unweighted? Make sure you have a solid personal statement/essay. Overall, it’s a toss up, you obviously have improvement which they like to see, and people with lower stats have been admitted. I’d say apply DUS, and early. Good luck!

What’s your cumulative unweighted GPA ?
What major?
Have you taken all three from Bio,chem, physics? Do you have level 3 or 4 in a foreign language or is the Korean subject test supposed to replace that?
No science, no foreign language, and only 1/2 social scienxe?, Total 4 academic classes=light.
Are you registered for the June or July sat or act?