Chances: Tulane, U of Miami, USC, Vandy, & UMD

<p>Just a quick little thread to see how you guys think I stand</p>

<p>3.89 UW GPA
4.29 W GPA
Senior in the fall
Go to public school in Maryland
rank is 23/509
Have taken 6 AP's, waiting on scores for 5 of them
1440/2190 SAT, taking again on the 5th
also taking the ACT on the 12th</p>

<p>ECs: basic stuff: Referee little league basketball, church volunteer work at soup kitchens/ nursing homes, going to be mentoring troubled freshmen next year, lots of foreign travel(not sure if EC, saw someone else had it), lots of basketball/soccer played, it's academic club</p>

<p>If anyone has some questions, or if I'm missing something, just let me know I'd be more than happy to clarify!</p>

<p>Also, if any of you want to recommend a school to look into, that would also be great. Not sure about what major I want to look into yet. Mid-large sized schools preferred/money is no problem.</p>

<p>Thanks alot!</p>

<p>just got my power back and still no hoo</p>

<p>Hi NOLA. Good to see you again too. Well, you know I am sure you will get into Tulane with a Presidential ($25,000 this year) scholarship. You might have a shot at the DHS for full tuition, but getting your SAT to 2250+ will help that a lot. Very similar for Miami.</p>

<p>You should get into USC with some merit money also. I think you have an excellent shot at Vandy, but I don't know about merit money from them, I don't know their programs for that well enough. Your state school should be a given, I would be shocked if you don't get in there.</p>

<p>As far as other schools, you can definitely reach for schools like Duke, WUSTL, Emory, Rice, Northwestern, etc. I am leaving out larger state schools like Michigan since you don't mention any schools like that, but you can try them, UVA, UNC-CH, etc. I guess that is what you mean by larger. You have excellent stats. You can reach for some pretty top schools. Ivies are a long shot, but nothing to lose by trying if you are interested.</p>

<p>always love to see you post!</p>

<p>Also fallenchemist, I was looking at some of your older posts and I was wondering if its true that Tulane is free to apply to? Also somewhere I read that they require no essay and they reply within a month? Is this accurate information?</p>

<p>Yes, Tulane is free app. As far as the essay, I think for certain students that they identify through the College Board and other means they offer a "Personal App" or something like that which requires either no essay or a shorter one, I forget. If you get your app in early, like by the middle of October, and be sure to mark it EA, you will in fact hear back very quickly. I have heard of cases as short as two weeks!</p>