Chances? (UCLA, UCI, UC Davis, SFSU, SJSU)

<p>Caucasian Male</p>

<p>GPA: 3.65 on CSU Scale (10/11 Unweighted GPAs + a maximum of 8 honors semester points) This is also neglecting community college work</p>

<p>Course Work: 7 APs (4s and 5s), 3 Honors, 6 Community college semesters of work</p>

<p>SAT: 800 Math/650 CR/620 Writing --> 2070 composite (may retake)</p>


<p>Hospital work (11/12)
SAVY Volunteer Club (10/11/12)
Stage Crew (11)</p>

<p>Chance me for:
UCs in general, but in particular
UC Los Angeles
UC Irvine
UC Davis
San Francisco State University
San Jose State University</p>

<p>Notes: I have tried to make my curriculum as focused on medical science as much as possible. By the time I graduate, I will have EMT, physiology, microbiology, and anatomy done at a local community college. The other community college class I have taken is a calculus course.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Is this just too boring of a case?</p>

<p>You have a good chance at Irvine and Davis</p>

<p>UCLA would be a slight-mid reach (GPA hurting you here, very competitive school)</p>

<p>idk about the others</p>

<p>UC Los Angeles - Reach
UC Irvine - Match
UC Davis - Match
San Francisco State University - Safety
San Jose State University - Safety</p>