<p>Hello there, ladies and gents! Just became a member of this site and was wondering if anyone could chance me. I'm not exactly sure how all of this works yet, but I have been wondering about college and my chances of getting in. Now, of course, Columbia is my greatest wish, but I don't compare very well with all the other brilliant people on here. Columbia is a bit far-fetched, so can you please suggest a better school in which I'd have a good chance of getting in? Thank you and here we go:</p>

<p>*Currently entering Junior year.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.45 (uw) --- (w)
PSAT (sophomore year): 171 (bear in mind that these are just the PSATs)
CLASS RANK: 12/about 300</p>

<p>HS COURSES: All honors in academics; taking AP USH2 and AP BIO this year (want to take all sciences offered);*1 extra credit for Social Studies from People to People;</p>

CLUBS/VOLUNTEER WORK: Founder of an SAT Donation program last year, French Club, French Honors Society, Madrigal (elite singing group of about 15-20 members), Spring Musical (all through high school); attended UMDNJ Honors Program (listening to lectures, medical practices, etc.), cleaned up a parka dn beach in a city in Italy (: , also am considering volunteering at a hospital or getting an internship somewhere</p>

<p>AWARDS/HONORS: Best French Underclassman (won in Soph. year), High Honor Roll, Honor Roll, some awards like Excellent Student in History, etc.</p>

<p>HOOKS: First American of my family, fluent in both English and Polish, attended two schools (both Polish and English), top French student of my grade, planning on being tutored in Italian, lived in Italy for 2 months, traveled to Poland every other year, just came back from France, Italy and England. I hope to be fluent in four languages.</p>

<p>ESSAY: I've been thinking about my essay and made some drafts, but of course, none are final seeing as I'm but a junior. I'd probably like to write about my two different lives meshing together as a whole. Due to my American life in school and in my social life, I seemed to keep separate my Polish culture and life at home. So, I think I will write about my family and Poland - how seeing the country and my family and the traditions that have been passed down help me become the bilingual and unusual individual I am. What do you think?</p>

<p>MAJOR?: Most likely Biochemistry (I would like to become an oncologist.)</p>

<p>Come back in the second semester of your junior year + after you take the SAT. Too early to tell.</p>

<p>You should try to get an internship as the ECs are only so-so right now and lacking in leadership positions.</p>