<p>GPA: 3.63 UW
School Dosen't Rank
SAT(old): 1250 </p>

<p>In 9th grade I was in all regular classes except for math, and I was in integrated science and my GPA sucked. I worked the summers of my Freshman and Sophomore years to catch up and now I'm full IB after a lot of hard work and sweet talking my consuelor. So, I went from regular cclasses with a low GPA to full IB with a high GPA, but my overall is still somewhat low. I also moved from living with a bi-polar guardian who wasn't on their medication and I moved out of state after I was abonded. Will these things make me stick out in my essays and such? Should I mention them?</p>

At my old school
BPA: President
Key Club
Multi-Cultural Club</p>

<p>At my new school:
NHS (Vice President)
Young Republicans
Young Democrats (Yes, I'm in both, I like both sides of the coin)
Quiz Bowl team</p>

<p>Also, I have done a summer internship at a law firm, have over 150 hours community service at a hospital, did the Cornell Summer program and I had to skip two years of Spanish because my old school had 6 periods for the whole year, so class of language a year. Here, it's 4x4 so you have to have 6 years. I skipped Spanish 3 and 4 and went straight to IB Spanish 1 and got an A and a B+ in IB Spnaish 2. So, in short, I skipped two years of Spanish and did very welland included it in my persoanl statement. I wrtoe the above post a long time ago so it's in the future tense. My school dosen't rank and I'm Full IB. Freshman year I was in all regular classes and took courses over the summer to be in IB. Thanks for any feedback at all!</p>