<p>I was just curious to see what people on this site would say about my chances...</p>

<p>First off, I'm an Asian-American female living in Illinois. (Suburbs of Chicago)</p>

<p>Here are my credentials:
GPA: 3.38
ACT: 26 (Retaking in September)
SAT: 1850 (M - 670 CR- 500 W - 680)
-I realize my GPA and scores are pretty average/leaning towards low
-I attend a REALLY competitive school, I know for sure I am in the top 50% of my class, and I believe it's really like the top 30 something percent...not that it really matters since I'm not in the top 25%.
-My freshmen year grades were really bad, and my grades have improved each semester of my high school career. 2nd Semester Junior Year I had a 3.85.</p>

<p>Senior courses to be taken: AP Spanish, AP English, AP Micro/Macro, Calculus, Advertising, Horticulture
*I took two APs my junior year but that was about it for Honors/AP...however I am a year ahead in Math.</p>

- Held a job last summer, and currently have one now (going to continue working throughout senior year)
- 80+ Volunteer Hours (Will reach 100 by the time I apply)
I volunteer at the local children's museum where I work in the marketing department on advertisements/flyers etc for the museum
At a place where I help put together birthday packages for needy children in the area.
- Kid to Kid --> it was a program for my psychology class where I got to serve as a teaching aid in a 5th grade classroom every week. (junior year)
- Lacrosse team (sophomore year)
- Speech team (sophomore year)
- Star Raiders/Drug free club (sophomore, junior, and senior year)
- Art club (sophomore, junior, and senior year)
- Religious classes (freshmen year)</p>

<p>At this point I'm wondering if applying undecided is the way to go...
I'm thinking of majoring in Advertising/Marketing...something along those lines.</p>

<p>Any advice, input, thoughts etc would be appreciated.
Also, if you can think of schools that would be good matches for me that would be great too.</p>

<p>hmm, I would say you're fairly competitive. too bad your CR score is so low, that's what's keeping you from breaking 1200 i guess. Maybe take the SATs again (if you haven't already done so), and focus a bit more on the CR portion. Your volunteer hours are a plus for you and I consider a 3.38 to be a pretty good GPA.</p>

<p>As far as applying undecided, I don't think it will matter one way or the other since you don't take many courses from your major the first year. You can always declare a major the next year. But otherwise just make sure you apply early (before November), to insure that there will be spaces left in your major. Whatever you choose, it shouldn't make too much of a difference in your admission.</p>

<p>Even if you decide not to retake your SATs this will still be a good match school for you.</p>

<p>actually Some colleges within PSU have a tougher admission you may get into UP but not your major :P. UD isnt bad, but I dont know with your SAT score and GPA combined....on the bright side, I believe that they may like a rising GPA</p>