<p>I am going to apply to UMICH engineering rolling in september. These are my stats:</p>

<p>G.P.A. - 3.968 unweighted</p>

<p>Rank: 7/293</p>

<p>SAT MATH: 790

SATII MATH IIC: 690 (taking it again, bad day)</p>

<p>A.P. BIO: 5
A.P. CALC AB: 5</p>

<p>Taking Senior Year:
A.P. Stat
A.P. Physics
A.P. Eng
A.P. Computer Programming
A.P. Independant Study/BC Calc/Pprogramming</p>

<p><strong><em>EC/Community Service</em></strong></p>

<p>10 years of viola
GBYSO Senior Orchestra - meets six hours every sunday during the year and<br>
plays in symphony hall
2nd in New England KISS BotBall
SAVE Club - environmental club - collects 30,000 bottles a year
- donates money to environmental groups
Math Team
Volunteer after School with Special needs Children
Worked 6 weeks at a Special needs program during the summer 5 hrs a day
Varsity Cross Country
Varsity Indoor Track
Varsity Outdoor Track</p>


<p>I am going to apply to UMICH Rolling Admissions in September along with MIT EA, and then CMU, CAL Tech, Stanford, Cornell, UIUC regular decision.
What do you think my chances are..</p>

<p>They're excellent.</p>

<p>I wish I were that good...</p>

<p>If you are in-state, then your chances are higher.</p>

<p>Did you take the ACT? If not I would recommend it because without your obviously strong academics you might be able to score higher relative to your sat.</p>

<p>I like your chances. Michigan, Cornell and CMU are most likely in the bag, Stanford, Caltech and MIT are reaches, but not unrealistic.</p>

<p>any one else have some input?</p>

<p>Unless you seriously ruined your essays, or made a huge mistake on a part of your application, I would be willing to bet serious money that you're in.</p>

<p>you make me feel bad.... too good results the ones u got there. man.... apply to a harder university!</p>

<p>wow dude, ur in...</p>

<p>tashin, did you read the bottom of his post?</p>

<p>Very likely in</p>

<p>You are most likely in at Michigan, UIUC and you have a good chance with Cornell and CMU (unless you applied for their CS program). Caltech, MIT and Stanford are big reaches, but they are to most applicants.</p>