<p>Colleges :
and some smaller ones</p>

GPA: 4.5 weighted, 3.99 unweighted, ranked #2 in class
SAT: 800 Math, 630 (retakin in oct. to get 700) Reading, 690 (retakin to get 720'ish) Writing
AP scores so far: one 3, one 5 (APUSH and APCHEM)</p>

<p>Classes this year:
AP English
AP Calc AB
AP Biology
Art I

Academic competition for excellence (4 years)
National Honor Society 11-12
Hispanic Honor society 10-12
Tennis 10-12
Cross Country 9-10
I probably have more EC's but I can't think of them off the top of my head
Outside of school EC's
1. 50 hours each at 2 hospitals
2. 11-12 grade did a tutor program to help children (middle schoolers) to get better grades
3. Volunteered at this theatre for as a techie and then as an actual person (like a haunted trail. You know those halloween ones :D)
overall about 200 hours.
Well there you go.
I am again hoping to get 2200 this time in the SAT.
I also probably have more EC's. Just can't think of em.</p>

<p>Oh and I am from WV where very few people apply there :D.</p>

<p>Oh I totally forgot about awards... math field day regionals. regional's science fair. I got this one wierd award in 8th-9th summer which was pretty big. ACE team highest point award. etc.</p>

<p>Based on your current stats:</p>

<p>MIT - Big reach
UPENN - Reach
JHU - Match
GW - Safety</p>

<p>Assuming you're interested in science and math, your current stats would be a better match for the following schools:</p>

Carnegie Mellon
U of C - Berkeley
Case Western Reserve
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor</p>

<p>If you do push your M+CR above, say, 1475 and your total score above, say, 2225, based on these scores, your GPA, class rank and URM status (I'm assuming your hispanic), then you can start considering schools like MIT and UPenn. They'll still be a reach, but strong SAT scores, along with your excellent GPA and class rank, and your URM status - a good hook - would give you decent chance at the highly selective schools.</p>

<p>what is urm? Ya i plan on 2200 or at least 700 critical + 800 math in the october. I am really studying words (thats what i miss most. The vocab fill in blank).</p>

<p>URM - Under Represented Minority. Minority groups that are under-represented on college campuses. At this point, URMs include blacks, hispanics, and American Indians. Because most colleges are seeking qualified URMs, being a URM is a hook - a characteristic most colleges really want - and, like being a legacy or a high quality athlete, it gives you an advantage - sometimes a big advantage - in the college application process. If in fact you are hispanic, make sure that every college you apply to knows this. It will definitely give you an advantage, especially if your stats are good.</p>