<p>Hello! Well, I will just post my info and you can tell me what colleges I could get into if you want! I am a white female. My ECs kind of suck I think, at least after reading about all these amazing authors, scientists, debaters, etc...</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 UW, 4.72 W
SATs: 2400 (11 essay)
SAT IIs: 800 (Chem), 770 (US History)
(taking 1 more in Nov)
APs: US History (5), Chemistry (5)</p>

<p>APs this year: AP English, AP Physics, AP Government, AP Art History, AP Calculus</p>


<p>*Habitat for Humanity: Youth United representative (9-12); co-president (11-12); volunteer coordinator (12); construction volunteer (10)- about 25 hours
-Starting a Youth United club at my school this year</p>

<p>*Key Club: Founder & President (11-12)- organized many different activities/events, including a tutoring/book buddies program & Salvation Army volunteers
-Tutoring (11,12)- 1 hour/week</p>

-Internship at an architecture firm (summer after 10th)
-Certified in AutoCad 2000
-have taken architecture I & II, basic technical drawing, & am doing an independent study in architecture & engineering this year</p>

-Governor's School for Math, Science, & Technology (last summer. is this an award?)
-Chemistry Olympiad- top 13 in my area, got to take National Exam
-May the Month of Children Award (11)
-National Merit Semifinalist
-NLE gold medal (latin I & II)</p>

<p>*Other random things
-National Honor Society (11-12)- tutoring this year I think
-Spanish Club (9-12); co-president (11)
-Latin Club
-Physics Club (vice president)
-piano (7 years)</p>

-Cross Country (10, 12)
-Outdoor Track (9-11)
-Indoor Track (9)</p>

<p>Please give me suggestions of colleges that are good matches for me. I want to go Northeast (probably- maybe CA) and major in architecture, but I am willing to go to a school without architecture and major in something like math, physics, or chemistry and then go to graduate school for architecture. </p>

<p>I am not sure what to write about in my essays... any ideas are welcome!</p>

<p>Princeton is the obvious choice, not sure of chances, not sure of essay requirements, however if its substantive - seems to me that PASSIVE SOLAR RESIDENTIAL - (and it current day near absence in subdivision design) - would be a strong area</p>

<p>If those are really your stats you can get in anywhere.</p>

<p>I suggest you apply to Harvard or Cornell or Cooper Union if you want to go into architecture-or MIT or Princeton or Caltech for math, physics, etc.</p>

<p>Lastly, a note about Cooper Union. It would be a match for you, even though they only accept 290 students a year (out of 2,400 applicants)--and if you are accepted there, the cost is zero--that's right--it's all paid for, so consider it. It has probably the single best architecture school in the country, and also offers engineering. Also, unlike Harvard and Princeton, they still offer ED decisions.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Wow, you guys were a lot more optimistic than I expected! Yes, these are my real stats but none of my ECs stand out, like all the science researchers and award-winning debaters I see around here. Yeah I'm not sure about Cornell though because I don't want to go into a separate architecture school... you know? I want to take liberal arts classes too. I think Princeton would let me do this, while MIT and Cornell would not. Wow I had never heard of Cooper Union until you mentioned it! thanks! oh yeah and Harvard and Princeton still have EA/ED for this year, but I'm scared they will not admit as many early to test it out. Do you know if Harvard offers architecture as a major? Where is Caltech? Are you guys in college? Thanks so much.</p>

<p>Uh...First off your ECs are fine. Second, your awards are impressive. Third, your stats are outstanding...Don't underestimate yourself. You will be a very, very strong applicant at any school you apply to, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, whatever. </p>

<p>I suggest you take a look at Washington University in St. Louis. It's a great school. Rated #12 in the country by U.S. News. It has a very good architecture school, a nice campus, really nice dorms, it's full of smart, friendly kids and, this may be important to you, you can double major in two different departments (architecture and, say, accounting) if you choose, you can major and minor in any combination, you can take liberal arts courses and architecture courses and science courses, you can change majors and change schools, and, in short, do almost anything you choose and Wash U will accomodate you.</p>