<p>Maybe this could be the "official" chances thread like before. Since no one ever responded when I posted, I'm trying again.</p>

<p>Black female from Charlotte, NC
3.87 w, 3.0 uw
1310 SAT (720 v, 590 m) I'm taking it again
I'll be taking the next ACT
IB Diploma Candidate (4 years of IB math, english, history, spanish; 3 years IB chem; 1 year IB Bio; IB psych SL; TOK)
AP European History this year
82/503 at a very competitive high school (top 16%)</p>

4 years in award-winning choirs
community service
mock trial
National Fine Arts Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society</p>

<p>I can guaruntee glowing recs and a pretty good essay.</p>

<p>Also, my mom is a single parent who only makes $28,000-30,000. Will my financial aid needs be met?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>if you can get your math up Id say youd have a very good shot.</p>

<p>100% of the need is met, through whatever means they come up with, but itll all be met</p>