im applyn to the univs below (ranked according to preference):
1. Cornell
2. Carnegie Mellon
3. Johns Hopkins
4. U of Penn
5. Duke
6. Rice
7. Northwestern
8. U of Rochester
9. Emory
10. U of Mich
11. Texas A & M
SAT MATH2: 740
SAT MATH1: 720
CHEM: 730-800<-Predicted
SAT 1: 700 (M), 680 (R), 620(W) <-Predicted
DESCRIPTION:I am applying to chemical engineering. My average is ~90% but i have very hard courses - ap physics c, ap calculus c. I am in a specialized math and science program, best public school program in canada - TOPS. I have strong extracurriculars and good recommendations. My essays are on the future of science and my personal collection of a hobby.
ECS: - Chapter director of Free the Children, Volunteered at Headquarters, Fundraised for Rehab Centre in Mexico, Particiapted in International Leadership Academy to Mexico
- Bangladeshi Canadian Community Services - taught new immmigrant Bengali children English and how to get adjusted
- Tutoring - Self Employed for 4 years
- Flemingdon Neibourhood service- taught seniors how to use computers in low-income area near my school
- SAAJ Academy of Performing Arts - tabla and harmonium player
- Weight Lifting, Humanity, and Quiz League Clubs
Awards: Finalist at Canada Wide science fair, Summa Cum Laude canada virtual science fair, gold at toronto regionals, silver at toronto regionals in gr. 10, 5th place at sanofi aventis biotech challenge, consistent winner of canadian mathematics competition (9,10,11)</p>

<p>am i missin somethn?</p>

<p>bump can some1 help i really need advice on this.</p>

<p>Get real results...then predict..but assuming those scores</p>

<li>Cornell - Reach </li>
<li>Carnegie Mellon - Slight Reach / Reach</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins - Reach</li>
<li>U of Penn - Reach</li>
<li>Duke - Reach</li>
<li>Rice - Reach </li>
<li>Northwestern - Reach</li>
<li>U of Rochester - Match</li>
<li>Emory - Reach</li>
<li>U of Mich - Slight Reach / Reach</li>
<li>Texas A & M - Match</li>

<p>Based on your estimated SAT/SAT2 scores and your GPA:</p>

<li>Cornell - Low Reach</li>
<li>Carnegie Mellon - Match</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins - High Match</li>
<li>U of Penn - Reach</li>
<li>Duke - Reach</li>
<li>Rice - Reach</li>
<li>Northwestern - Reach</li>
<li>U of Rochester - Match</li>
<li>Emory - Match</li>
<li>U of Mich - Low Reach/High Match </li>
<li>Texas A & M - Safety</li>

<p>wut scores shud i aim for in chemistry and physics sats to boost my chances. is there nething else i can do atm to improve chances?...roughly wut score in SATS, subject tests, GPA are required for my top 5...thank you
p.s. i am predicting cuz i am basing it on my previous scores and how much i improved</p>

<p>Also my major achievements are:Consistent Honour Roll Student, since Grade 9. Won Honourable Mention in BP208 Global Impact Contest held by CIDA
(Canadian International Development Agency) - video on Child Labour and Exploitation. Won Silver Medal in Canadian Mathematics Competition held by University of Waterloo - Fryer Math Contest. In Grade 10, recognized as Top 25% in Canada in the Canadian Mathematics Competition - Cayley Math Contest. Won Silver Medal at Toronto Regional Sci-tech Fair. In Grade 11, won honourable mention in Canadian DX (Design) Competition. Won Gold at Toronto Regional Scitech Fair + All expense paid trip to Canada Wide Science Fair 2006 in Quebec. Finalist in Canada Wide Science Fair. Won Summa Cum Laude in Virtual Science Fair. 5th Place Standing at Aventis Biotech Challenge. Won Bronze Medal at Hypatia Math Contest.</p>

<p>bump can i have some more feedback please</p>

<p>umm nething ppl?</p>

<p>BUMP I NEED SOME SERIOUS ADVICE HERE...ESPECIALLY MY TOP 5. DO I HAVE NE HOPE OF GETTING IN, if i am an international, low income family student in a very tough high school program (the best public school program in canada for math and science), taking all the advanced courses, with a good essay, good ecs, and good extracurriculars, along with what i have said before</p>