<p>I applied to CAS RD for French.
White female, and I applied for fin. aid. (if that matters at all, though I know it's not supposed to.)
I currently go to public school in northeastern PA.
I'm also being recruited to run track for them.</p>

90/91 unweighted, I think (so a 3.8 or something, idk how they determine it on the 4.0 scale really). and it's a 95-something weighted.
Class Rank:
1310/1940 (W: 630 M: 650 R:660)
Chem 590 French 480</p>

<p>Grade 9:
Mostly B's in core classes, and A's in Honors French I and electives.
Grade 10:
Mix of A's and B's equally.
Grade 11:
All A's except for an 88 (B+) in English.
Grade 12: (these are midyear grades)
Calculus (87)
AP English IV (91)
AP European History (89)
Physics (93)
French IV (94)
AP Bio (96)</p>

<p>About half of my total courses in HS have been honors or AP, I went to a new school freshman year and junior year, so honors and AP classes I would have taken were either unavailable to me or I couldn't take them, my counselor touched upon this issue in her recommendation.</p>

French Club 11th and 12th (Pres. 12th)
Varsity Track (Indoor and Outdoor, Capt. 12th)
Soccer 9th-12th (Varsity 12th, Capt. 12th)
Cross Country 12th (I did both soccer and xc in the same season this past fall.)
National Honor Society Member, inducted in Spring 2008</p>

<p>Community Service:
PennServe, Community Service Club, Gr. 11-12
(Work focuses on various school and public events such as the Steamtown Marathon, Friends of the Poor Dinner, gift wrapping presents at the mall around Christmas, etc.)
Volunteer, Barack Obama Scranton Campaign, Feb. 2008-Nov. 2008
(Jobs include canvassing in the Scranton area, registering people to vote, and making phone calls to inform locals about the campaign.)
Special Olympics Volunteer, Gr. 9-12</p>

AP Biology teacher, looooove her! amazing rec.
Honors Gov't teacher/track coach, a little generic, but still a very good rec.
guidance counselor rec as well. I applied common app.
both teachers and my guidance counselor know me quite personally.</p>

I talked about how I moved to PA from NH before my junior year, basically leaving my mother to live with my dad and its impact on my life and my relationship with my mother, etc. I had it looked over by my honors English teacher from last year probably 10 times. Very well written, she's a hard teacher and took a lot of time to help me out. My short answers were pretty good. Not like <em>exceptional</em>, but I think they're well written/concise.</p>

<p>that's basically it. I'm getting super nervous about all of our pending acceptances! anyway, let me know what you think/post your stats, too!</p>


<p>ooh, I forgot! I also took a college precalc class over the summer, so that I could take calc this year in school. I got an A in the course.</p>

<p>hahah, so I'm not getting in?!</p>

<p>your SAT scores aren't the best, but they're basically target - if not just a touch below target. (i think average at NYU is like 1330... but i'm not sure, so don't quote me)</p>

<p>your rank & average is strong.</p>

<p>the major thing is that you're applying as a french major, yet only have a 480 on the SAT II in french.</p>

<p>idk, i would say it's a reach. </p>

<p>good luck!</p>