Cheap out of State Tuiton

<p>I am from Minnesota and I have been trying to search for schools that have relatively low Out of state tuiton prices. If any one knows of any cheap schools outside of the Midwest or has a link to a website with information on this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>Minnesota! You're in luck, above almost all other states (I think), Minnesota is known for its tuition reciprocity agreements. Go to school in N. Dakota, Wisconsin, S. Dakota or Manitoba and you can pay in-state tuition, or pretty close to it.</p>

<p>In a bit of irony the best deals in the country for out-of-state tuition are for students looking to attend institutions in Minnesota.</p>

<p>University of Minnesota-Morris, University of Minnesota-Crookston, Bemidji State University, and Southwest State University all offer in-state tuition rates to all students regardless of state of residency. </p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>Yeah Im aware of reciprocity with Wisco, ND, SD, I was thinking more schools across the country outside of the Midwest. I guess I may be out of luck.</p>

<p>Instead of just shopping for low tuition, consider applying at schools known for good merit aid. If you are in the top tier of applicants for the school, you may have a chance at bringing down the cost of attendance. Some schools list formal criteria for receiving such aid, while at others you apply and take your chances.</p>

<p>any Southeastern Conference School other than Vandy....try Georgia, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee</p>

<p>ASU and U of A both give out lots of merit money for top candidates.</p>