<p>Hey guys, Im in highschool, and im not the biggest fan of chemistry. However i want to become a doctor and go to schools with strong medical programs. Do i have to take AP Chemistry? or is it ok if I dont take it?</p>

<p>College level Chem and Organic Chem are big weed out courses for potential pre-meds. If you're really serious about being a doctor, I suggest you take AP Chem and see how you fare. If you fare poorly, it seems likely you need to alter your career path. Med school won't be for you, frankly.</p>

<p>It is OK to take regular Chemistry in high school, and skip AP Chemistry. You are going to have to take general Chemistry in college anyway.</p>

<p>alright thks guys, but another question. btw i am taking AP chem. but lets say instead of taking AP physics C, i take AP environmental instead. will that lower my chances at admission to the strong med schools like WahingtonU or JHU?</p>

<p>It could. In my school, Physics C is the hardest AP and APES is a joke. Your counselor will have to check off how much rigor there was in your schedule, don't take the chance that she says it wasn't too difficult. Take Physics C your senior year maybe? After college apps are sent, just concentrate on your classes.</p>

<p>thks man. and in our school ap environmental isnt a joke. i mean its def easier for sure. but like im taking 4 Aps as a junior and 5 or 6 as a senior. and they are all legitamite ones. so is it still ok then?</p>

<p>Not sure if I should make a new thread, but I'll just ask here to start - how aware are colleges of the relative difficulty of AP courses as offered by different high schools? I ask because at my high school, AP Physics is pretty much a joke (easy, at least), and APES is considered a middle to high difficult AP, along with AP Chem. The classes considered most difficult (as in, seniors laugh at you when you say you signed up for them for your senior year) are AP US History, AP Bio, and AP English Lit. Is there any way for a college to know this when you apply? I imagine there isn't, and if that is the case, are there APs considered "usually more difficult" than others?</p>

<p>OP- if you're taking a plethora of AP classes already in addition to APES, don't worry about it. But do consider dropping one or two of the AP classes along with APES for Physics C, but it's your call. You should be fine either way.</p>

<p>@jpplant - I mean, it's impossible for them to know difficulty of the classes unless your counselor points it out.</p>

<p>thks guys. so my schedule didnt work out the way i planned and im taking ap bio senior year instead. will that affect my admission chances at washu or columbia?</p>