Chemical Engineering MS

<p>Hi, I am an international student and am planning to apply for MS in Chemical Engineering for the fall session of 2014. As i am an international student i really donot know how how to convert my CGPA and majors GPA to the american scale of four, but they are pretty decent
Cummilative: 8.23/10
Majors: 9.42/10</p>

<p>I have tons of research experience with 2 projects at my undergraduate school, and an ongoing offcampus thesis (6months) at one of the biggest and reputed labs of India.</p>

<p>My LOR's would be from good profs including the HOD, the scientist i am currently working with and the R&D consultant of my undergraduate school.</p>

<p>I also have chances of attending an international conference, if my paper gets through.</p>

<p>My toefl score is a 107/120
and i am yet to give my GRE, which is scheduled on the 18th of the next month.
I am really confused about which schools i should apply to? and would appreciate some help on the same.</p>

<p>OP: you need to supply the crowd with more information, before recs can be given.</p>

<p>For example, how much can you afford? What is your geographical preference? Big School, small school? etc. These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself first.</p>

<p>As per the suggestions by nugraddad here are some more specifics:
I went through the research areas of top 30 chem e schools and found these were the schools that were doing work in the field i am interested in:
UT Austin
Uni of Wisconsin at Madison
Uni Of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Purdue (west lafayatte)
Penn state
I know many of these are big names, but i did not go below the top 25-30 mark.</p>

<p>As per the fees is concerned i have already screened for collages with a yearly fees<30000$.</p>

<p>Now i have three specific queries:

  1. Am I being realistic in hoping to get into the above listed schools?
  2. I neglected many private schools whose fees was high eg(Carnegie Mellon), what are the chances of a scholarship, and should i consider these schools too?
  3. Should i try for some really big names eg.(Stanford)?</p>

<p>These is all the research i have done, please help me out</p>