Chemical Principals 5th ed.

<p>Can someone tell me the ISBN# for Chemical Principals 5th ed. by Zumdahl?</p>

<p>i did the ISBN trick, but that ISBN# isnt giving me any hits on any website.</p>

<p>what was included in the package, or was it just a textbook? thanks.</p>


<p>Textbook, Partial Solutions Guide, CDs</p>

<p>thanks. my friend has the book and CDs that she can sell to me. can you tell me the ISBN for the partial solutions guide? thanks again. :)</p>

Hummel & Zumdahl</p>

<p>No problem.</p>

<p>It's a bummer that most of the other profs use the more expensive book by Oxtoby for 20A and 20B, as well as their honors counterparts.</p>

<p>yeah, most people seem to have the oxtoby book.</p>