chemistry dilemma

<p>i decided that i was no longer going to be an engineer recently, so there really is no point in me taking the 20/30 series for chemistry, as I want to pursue either the premed or prepharm career path. Would it be bad if I put Chem 20A as pass/no pass and took 14A in the winter? I really don't want my GPA to suffer for no reason... Would they even let me do that? I know deadline to make a class pass/no pass is end of week 6.. But would med school/pharm school look down on it? i don't know what to do please help!</p>

<p>I have no idea in terms of Pass/noPass since I myself is a freshman. However, I do know that you can get a grade for Chem20 Series and then you won’t have to start from Chem 14A, you can just start in Chem 14B in Winter Quarter. I’d call the counseling office, specifically the major you wanna get into. Or better yet, go to Murphy Hall and ask people immediately! Since Week 6/7/8 is when we start choosing our Winter Quarter Classes</p>

<p>Are you sure? Where did you hear that? Because I’m almost 100% sure that isn’t true… at least from what I’ve heard. If it is true though I’d be unbelievably happy because that would be the best case scenario for me… Does anybody else know if this is true or not?</p>

<p>Maybe I should refer you to this thread:</p>

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<p>The likely case that you can go to the 14 series, but you have to start at 14a, regardless if you passed 20a. I don’t know why the orientation counselors keep telling freshmen the same wrong thing. I was told you could swith from 20 to 14 at orientation as well. (Unless it was true when they were freshmen…) If you ever get this cleared officially, do post on what’s the official policy now.</p>

<p>Anyway, about the pre-med thing, can’t really help you. I hear as a generally consensus that P/NP class look bad cause it looks like you just barely passed. Though I also hear that GPA is EXTREMELY important… But don’t take my word for it, I’m not pre-med.</p>

<p>You can’t switch from 20 to 14. Everyone who said you can has lied to you. Trust me, I tried.</p>

<p>[Undergraduate</a> FAQs](<a href=“]Undergraduate”></p>

<p>well, that’s depressing.</p>

<p>I myself switched over from the 20 series (got a passing grade) to the 14 series. It was pretty much a really big hassle, and I had to start over with chem 14a (the units nor grade didn’t count though cause it counted as a repeat).</p>

<p>how?? tell me please!!</p>

<p>Once you have passed Chem20A,meaning you got a C or above, you cannot switch to the Chem14 series. You would be able to swtch only under the following scenarios:
1- you drop the class before it is completed.
2- you get a C- or you get a NP (if you take on a P/NP basis).</p>

<p>However if you get a C- and you are allowed to switch to the Chem14 series, the C- will count towards your GPA and will lower it. Therefore my advice is either to drop the class or to change it to P/NP basis and DON’T PASS it.</p>

<p>idk… I think I’d rather just stick with the 20/30 series than have a NO PASS on my transcript…</p>

<p>pharmacy highly recommends the 20/30 Series. To be honest, the series isn’t hard at all if you just put in the tiniest amount of effort. And, 14 series isn’t accepted as a rigorous enough chemistry series if you were to try to go to graduate school for it if you suddenly hate medicine/health. I think i read somewhere you can’t even transfer it as chemistry credit to other universities.</p>