Chemistry Major...

<p>any chem majors on here? just wondering what your freshman schedule looked like... did you take chem fresh year or save it for later?</p>

<p>I'm a chemistry and physics major. If you have taken AP chemistry in high school and passed the exam (4-5), then most students at my school would take organic chemistry their freshman year. Even if you didn't do well on the exam, but you feel you know the material, my college allows students to take organice chemistry I and II with a department signature. In short, I would atleast recommend intro. chemistry during freshman year, since you want to have enough time during your junior and senior years to do research for graduate school.</p>

<p>I recived my degree in chem.
start on chem class in ur freshman year beacause the first 2 year of chem class (general, organic, analytical) are all pre-req of one another. So you have to take one at a time, that takes up lot of time. Even in your 3 and 4th year (inorganic, pchem, instrumental) all are 2 part class. So you have to follow a schedule and must take one after another. Get started in chem from first semester.</p>