Chinese 1 Textbooks

<p>Does anyone know the textbooks needed for Chinese 1? They were on the UCLA store website two days ago, and now they are not listed anymore.</p>

<p>same situation here...but for chinese 1a. Should there be a reason for panic?</p>

<p>I just got my books for Chinese 1....hopefully they didn't change it or anything, but here's the list I saved up:</p>

Integrated Chin Char Wkbk Lvl1 Pt1 (Simplified & Traditiona)</p>

Integrated Chin Txt Lvl1 Pt1 (2nd) (Simplified) </p>

Integrated Chin Txt Lvl1 Pt1 (2nd) (Traditional)<br>

Integrated Chin Wkbk Lvl1 Pt1 (2nd) (Simplified)<br>

Integrated Chin Wkbk Lvl1 Pt1 (2nd) (Traditional)</p>

<p>wow so many
what was your total cost? & did you get it at the ucla store?</p>

<p>There's a reason why ASUCLA took their Chinese textbooks offline: to prevent anxious students from buying them. Otherwise, those students will overcrowd the textbook store on Sept. 26 in an attempt to get refunds, since most of the students are placed into a different course than the one they purchased textbooks for. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>Umm...I don't remember...something like...23 + 18 + 17? I forgot that I could get the txtbook used at the store for 20.00 instead of 23 so I sort of overpaid there. But anyway, I got them from't feel like waiting in line...heheh....not really that much cheaper than what UCLA sells them for to be honest but works I guess? </p>

<p>I don't know; I know nothing of chinese so I'm pretty sure I'll be placed into Chinese 1 x_o? Unless there was something I missed...which I hopefully didn't</p>

<p>if anyone would like to buy an almost brand new character workbook for chinese 1, i can sell it for pretty cheap. the only reason why i say "almost brand new" is because there are a few pages ripped out but i still have them and the markings on them are in pencil. you'll have to rip them out to turn in anyways, unless you decide to write them on separate pieces of paper or you plan to make copies of the pages. the character workbook is the same for both traditional and simplified. you can email me at <a href=""></a> if you're interested.</p>