Claremont McKenna vs Pomona how are they alike/different?

<p>I am sure this has been discussed here before, but I can't find a thread. My 11th gr. s. is all charged up about Claremont McKenna and Pomona. He likes the CMC bent towards government/econ/ business, but also likes the general liberal arts direction of Pomona. He's currently thinking he'll be premed, but that could change. He isn't intrested in Harvey Mudd or Pitzer, just CMC and Pomona. Help, anyone. Xiggi- your input please? Do people apply to both? is this detrimental?</p>

<p>As a HMC student, I am very happy that your s is excited about some of the Claremont Colleges. Pomona and CMC are world-class institutions. I'm saying this because I mean it (I get absolutely no benefit by promoting either one).</p>

<p>CMC and Pomona have completely separate admissions committees. Remember, they are completely separate colleges. I cannot see how it could be detrimental to apply to may even be beneficial if they ask you why. You have proof that you really want to be a part of the Claremont community.</p>

<p>I'm no expert but I say go ahead and apply to both. Don't worry about it.</p>

<p>Thanks, Rocket. What made you choose CMC? Anything in particular?</p>

<p>HMC = Harvey Mudd College</p>

<p>You could really go to either school for premed. Pomona probably has a stronger reputation for things like biology, but premeds from cmc do just fine in med school admissions too. And you don't have to major in science to go to med school.</p>

<p>The great thing about the claremont colleges is that you can take advantage of most of the opportunities that the other schools offer. You can go to Pomona and still see the speakers at the atheneum, or go to CMC and still take your art history class at Pomona.</p>

<p>I really doubt that there's any disadvantage to applying to both, so I say go ahead and do it.</p>

<p>Maybe an explanation of how the student body of each school differs might help. I am interested in pomona and find the consortium fascinating so this will assuage my curiosity as well.</p>

<p>sorry jym, i go to harvey mudd college</p>

<p>oops , sorry rocket, I overlooked that at midnight last night. My older s. looked at Mudd, and I bought a tshirt which I wear often when running (and most people around here have no clue what/where HMC is. Younger s. is not likely to fit the "mudder" mold. Thanks for all the info!</p>