class of 2025 nursing

I think SDSU will be using strictly GPA as they did not mention anything about other factors in their email today

@NurseStav Does that mean that easier high school with higher GPA is an advantage now? That is too bad. Wish I send the kid to a different high school :wink:

Hi All-
Just thought I’d check in on all the hopefully future nurses. We are almost there with sending in Apps for EA decisions. Common App is complete, SAT scores are in, just need to link Naviance and Common APP. Hopefully we will be submitting 6 of the 9 below schools by the end of the weekend and the other 3 by next weekend. The hope is to get a couple options for Direct Admit, of course she has her top choices. Here are the schools my D is applying to:

Direct Admit
West Virginia University
University of Tennessee
University of Pittsburgh
Arizona State University
University of Delaware
University of Maine

Non Direct Schools
University of Florida

Good luck to all those applying!

I’m throwing my daughter’s search in here. She is a low GPA student at a competitive DC-area prep school–she’s only got a 2.55 and we are waiting for her ACT which she took two weeks ago–pre-ACT was 26. I doubt she can get into any DA programs so I’m not sure what happens in that case–her schools are all “match” schools so she would likely get in but just in general studies. So what happens in that case–if you get in for general, can you ever get into the nursing program after that? I don’t care how long it takes her to get through as long as she achieves her goals. Her schools are:

VA Wesleyan (does not have nursing at all but has a partnership with a nearby vocational nursing program)
Marymount in Arlington, VA
Arcadia U
Wilkes U
York College
Stevenson U in MD

Wesleyan and Wilkes have given her conditional admission and offered merit aid as well, but obviously not for nursing as she hasn’t even applied formally.

Just thought I’d add a lower stat/still wants to be a nurse student into the mix.

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@g8rmomk8ans good luck to your D. From what I have gathered looking at DA schools for my D, there are plenty of schools out there with nursing that you apply to for your Junior year. These too can be very competitive, but it will give her the opportunity to do well her freshman and sophomore year and still get into nursing. Good luck on your search, I am sure she will find a good match and achieve her goals.

Hey guys I’m also a rising senior with an interest in nursing. With my stats, I don’t believe I’m fit for direct entry nursing. Is there any other way I should go into the nursing path? Like get a degree in a different major first?

@ivslee There are so many different tracks. One of them is to get a bachelor’s degree in something else (ideally health, biology, etc., classes that will help with nursing) and then getting an accelerated BSN after you graduate. It means more schooling, but it’s another path that doesn’t require you to do nursing classes in undergrad and/or allows people who don’t decide on nursing until later to still achieve that degree.

@srwcmw Do you happen to know if, with schools with DA, they can start into the nursing program later, like after a year or two? We’re going to see a DA school next week so I’ll ask and hopefully whoever is giving us the tour will have that answer for us. Some of these schools are are otherwise good fits for her, so whether or not she gets in DA, they still might be good if she can get into the program later.

@g8rmomk8ans Some schools accept internal transfers to their nursing programs; some don’t. It would be best to ask each school what their policy is.

@g8rmomk8ans thank you! I’m actually in the process of deciding what major. Do you think a bachelor’s degree in psychology will be good for nursing?

@ivslee I would look for something that will give you a lot of good foundation for a nursing degree later. For example, my older daughter wants to go to PA school but there is not a “pre-PA” program at her school, so he had to find a major that would include most of the classes she’d need for PA school, and then has had to pick up additional ones she’ll need. She is Public Health, which would also be great to go into nursing. So for another example, you could major in Psychology and then pick up any extra science classes that might be helpful–Anatomy and Physiology for sure, if that isn’t offered in whatever Psychology program you chose. But as far as going for an ABSN (Accelerated BSN), from what I understand, you could have a degree in pretty much anything–but the more science and nursing-type classes you have in undergrad, the more they’ll carry over into a BSN program afterward. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong–I’m still learning all of this stuff as well!

Hi! Does anyone know how large the BSN program is ASU? How many freshmen start in the Direct Entry BSN program?

You would have to ask them. I know the program I am with caps out at about 100 students per cohort.

Throwing my D21 into the mix. Applying to Direct Admits and one non.

Pitt: accepted
Loyola Chicago
McGill (maybe)
Queens (Toronto)
Suny Binghamton


We would love to hear how all the future nurses make out. Good luck everyone, the countdown to admissions is on!

My S21 is applying to:

Pitt (accepted)
University of Michigan
Case Western University
University of Cincinnati
Miami University

Good luck everyone!

My D21 applied to the following direct admit nursing programs:

Marquette (accepted)
Florida Southern (accepted)
Jacksonville U (accepted)
SIU-Edwardsville (accepted)
Illinois State
University of Minnesota
University of Cincinnati
Case Western

Wishing you all the very best of luck! :smile:

Hi guys! I haven’t been back here in forever but I’m glad people are finding this thread useful! Here are some of my updates

Applied to
(direct bsn)

  • UVA
  • ASU (accepted w/ New American Scholarship)
  • Temple
  • Drexel
  • SDSU
  • Penn State

Going to apply to

  • University of San Francisco
  • Seattle University
  • UCI
  • UCD

My stats aren’t the greatest, so I’m very nervous during this waiting period…

Good luck to everyone applying and waiting for decisions!

My D21 applied to the following direct admit schools:

UTK (Accepted)
Temple (Accepted)
WVU (accepted)
U Pitt (accepted)
U Delaware (accepted)
U Mass - Amherst
U Maine (Accepted)
ASU (Accepted)

Good luck to all…anxiously awaiting the rest of the decisions!

Hey y’all! Good luck to everyone! I am a senior right now and I applied to these direct-admit schools:

Clemson(Accepted w/ scholarship)
Valparaiso University(Accepted w/ Board of Director’s scholarship)
Illinois Wesleyan
Loyola(Accepted w/ Presidential scholarship)
Belmont University(Accepted w/ scholarship)

For reference I submitted a 1480 SAT and a 4.41 WGPA. Hope everyone can get into their dream school :slight_smile:

My dd applied to the following schools:

Xavier (accepted)
St. Louis
Illinois Wesylen
Loyola Chicago
ASU (accepted)
UC Irvine

Being admitted to a direct nursing program in CA is slim to none so my daughter has cast a wide net. I’ve heard of kids with gpas and acts north of 4.3 and 33 respectively being rejected. And now that schools won’t be considering sat or acts it’s all about having the highest gpa.

Good luck to all.